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Rating Stats for

Jeremy Lakeman

1481.61 (4,490,217th)
391 (332,835th)
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Title Δ
Expression Func with two input parameters for generic method 0.00
How to modify file under .zip file at git Repository 0.00
How to Validate Request Body by allowing only attributes assigned i... -0.80
Interfaces and async practices -0.55
Should you use the async, await keyword when passing a delegate to... -1.84
workaround a static method in a generic interface 0.00
nested delegate call of unknown type at compile time 0.00
Query with Linq and count matches in the Where clause and project it -1.66
c#: any way to define an argument with both class and interface type? 0.00
Configure in WorkerService +0.48
Loop through all possible ipv4 addresses in c# -0.23
Export Excel chart to SVG creates an empty file 0.00
Why is this iteration over a List<T> not giving me the correc... 0.00
Where is the call stack "stored" when a true async operat... 0.00
EF Core: how to access DBSets programmatically for Seed purposes +0.02
Issue with Connection String with DBcontext in.Net core +0.51
Pascal´s triangle c# -0.83
C# Composition - not fully sure I am implementing correctly -1.59
Entity Framework Core get data from stored procedure and then conve... 0.00
Isn't that C's assembly the same concept as C#'s IL or... +0.02
Generic method in C# accepting string or Guid as input 0.00
Security Trimmed Menu as Partial View -1.10
LINQ Query - How to parameterize a select distinct query +0.51
Statement lambda in Any(LINQ) -2.04
Force Entity Framework Core to reload some fields after SaveChanges... -0.48
Received 502 error even though the call suceeded 0.00
Entity Framework Core : DbContext not linking entities 0.00
Looking to pass entity as generic type and extract common functiona... -0.33
Do you need a catch block if all you're doing is throwing the c... -0.32
How to pass instance getter as function parameter -0.25
How to store data in a hidden field and the pass it between pages i... +0.51
Accessing JSON array from appsettings in controller without Configu... 0.00
C# Where clause won't return the null values from a nullable bool -0.49
What keeps the BackgroundService.ExecuteAsync method from completing? 0.00
Entity Framework Core Invoke an Expression on Navigation property -1.77
Linq expression could not be translated Error Entity Framework Core 3 0.00
Call a method in Select() of an Entity Framework Core method expres... +0.01
Tried programatically logging into a website using C# .NET Framewor... +2.09
Combining two expressions (Expression<Func<T, bool>>) i... -0.49
Entity Framework Core, custom changes and preventing them from bein... -0.47
.Net Core Multiple Startups files and service implementations for d... +0.12
How can you dependency inject an service into an IHostedService (sc... 0.00
C#: How can I open a process, wait until the program in the process... 0.00
What is the best way to create a reusable function to return a valu... -1.78
C# function updating arrays +1.08
Implicit operator isn't called for default of struct in C# -0.95
EF Core ignore property only to INSERT +0.52
Solving database concurrency issues related to "insert-if-not-... -0.16
Using only one SaveChanges call doesn't seem to update my datab... -0.01
Can't fields be generic in C#? 0.00