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Anthony Pegram

1700.52 (145th)
103,098 (704th)
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Title Δ
Can I convert Dictionary loop inside of a foreach loop into a LINQ... -2.57
How to reference a parent LINQ query from within a subquery -0.75
LINQ statement using one of two parameters -2.15
How to remove multiple objects in List by id? +0.49
Compare two DataTables for differences and Add a column accordingly -0.69
Best way to replace a Item in a List by ID +0.49
Getting the element missing in a second list of different type +0.93
Replace duplicates in array of strings +0.66
Initiate collection in c# similar to Java anonymous class syntax 0.00
Comparing two lists with multiple conditions -0.76
How to manipulate list of DateTime 0.00
c# sort by elements or attribute with one method 0.00
Query list of dictionary C# Linq +0.23
How do I use a global variable in unit testing? +0.89
Use LINQ to compare the two lists -0.57
Main method returns if submethod has stoped by return in C# +0.55
Enumerable.Range() iteration index -0.22
Subtracting properties in a list using LINQ +0.71
Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting.Assert generic method... +0.81
Linq grouping query to DataTable -0.28
How should I test a method that delegates most of its behavior to a... +0.24
Column name is number, select it with oledb 0.00
what is difference between Convert.ToInt16 and (Int16) +0.97
How can I produce a join on a substring and an integer in Entity Fr... 0.00
In C#, what is the best way to sort by DateTime? and have the empty... +1.08
In C# what is the meaning of 1 after IEnumerable in System.Collecti... +0.53
Multiple Inheritance and Objects C# +0.64
FirstOrDefault is signicantly faster than SingleOrDefault while vie... -2.12
Lambda Expressions and the || operator in Entity Framework 0.00
How can I compare for equality the values of two lists in one loop? -0.09
How to store a reference to a property -0.25
Conditionally adding .Take() +1.32
Can LINQ be used to pull keywords out of a string? 0.00
How can you use LINQ to cast from a collection of base class object... 0.00
Query.copyToDataTable not working 0.00
Concept: What is the variable names inside a child class? Do they h... -1.01
c# does not choose the function I want it to, based on parameter ty... +0.87
Foreach Variable in Closure. Why Results Differ for These Snippets? +1.87
Can C# constraints be used without a base type? -1.44
Float Precision Format to suppress trailing zeros +0.54
How can I avoid a KeyNotFoundException in DataView.ToTable()? 0.00
Storing a really large number in SQL Server +1.36
Translate SQL to lambda LINQ with GroupBy and Average -0.78
Generic typed function: return a non-nullable value +1.22
Search List content using Linq 0.00
Simple C# Error when compiling and running the code +0.67
Select returning only one element -2.47
How to get records with the same specific column content from a Dat... +0.78
Should all objects have an interface? -0.15
Deleting multiple values from the list +1.24