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1546.40 (9,107th)
5,398 (30,556th)
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Title Δ
iterating over vector elements backwards 0.00
Determine if string contains a particular character at compile time -0.59
Return a std::set with a custom comparator 0.00
why we use const char* func() instead of char func() 0.00
What is the correct syntax / format for entering information into t... -0.29
Can I use std::find() with lambda function in vc++ [VS 2019]? +3.12
Defining functions to return struct in C++ +0.42
Code not clear from a movie . Is this legal? 0.00
Retrieve and store data from sqlite to array c/c++ 0.00
Array elements changing values? +0.43
Error: Class has no member named 'ThisW'; did you mean '... 0.00
Why I don’t have to free string from c_str function of std::string? 0.00
Why is vector of const pointer working in c++17 0.00
Converting a double to intptr_t in C++ 0.00
What are all of these numbers following the expected output? -1.31
How to fix "expected a declaration"? 0.00
Is it safe to return a vector of std::shared_ptr? 0.00
How to implement array of int, string, float and date object using... 0.00
Setting objects equal to one another from different classes -0.06
C++ substring searching - JUMPING INTO C++ 0.00
Only first element init as 1 0.00
Assigning a Char Value to a Vector Element. C++ -0.59
Why a reference is said to be unchanged in C++ primer 5th, how ever... +2.29
What Cpp compiler allows inline assembler code? -0.16
Looking for a more efficient way to check whether a string is a pal... -0.32
C++ program running in Xcode, but not Eclipse 0.00
Foreach loops and arrow/dot operator difference? +2.36
How do I evaluate an expression with variables read from cin +0.44
plus<string> predefined functor for concatenation in c++? -0.16
Comparing elements in the array by use of pointers (C++) +0.44
Need explanation of some behaviours in this very simple program 0.00
Are pointers first, new and temp null pointers? +1.11
How in this code getting the count of substring? -0.56
Can I rely on the comma operator in a bool expression 0.00
Access private struct within class c++ 0.00
backtrace_symbols gives me segfault 0.00
In a C++ class, do you have to initialize member variables that are... -1.01
when should i pass a vector parameter by reference versus passing o... -0.05
Weird Behaviour of std::unique +1.51
Overload << operator to change " " to "\n" -0.79
Why pointer remains nullptr after initialisation 0.00
What is the best way to initialize huge constant multidimensional a... +0.44
Call of overloaded method with nullptr is ambiguous +0.87
forward declaration of struct doesn't work - can't figure o... -1.68
(C++) string literal doesn't match argument list +2.52
If logic not working as expected +0.43
error: request for member 'size' in 'data', which i... 0.00
how to use smart pointers in this case 0.00
Generic function to print any vector in reverse, compiler error 0.00
Returning position of int +0.45