An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1511.26 (61,107th)
8,128 (19,326th)
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Title Δ
Standard ML binary tree type +4.64
Making an array of Objects in Objective-C. +3.27
Range of substring in string +4.70
Destructor in Objective-C++ -4.41
objective c - delegate and events 0.00
What language choice is good for a c# developer wishing to develop... +0.48
static NSStrings in Objective-C +4.02
Make NSFormatter validate NSTextFieldCell continuously 0.00
Moving from Windows to Ubuntu +0.58
reinventing the wheels: Node.JS/Event-driven programming v.s. Funct... +4.60
is there a good place to discuss compilers? +4.42
SML/NJ - Pattern Matching an Dynamic Typing +4.64
Extending an existing type in OCaml -1.80
Where is Erlang used and why? +0.40
no easy way with records in F#? -1.40
Weird Switch error in Obj-C -0.49
BigInt for Standard ML/NJ -4.26
MyObject may not respond to message '-Foo'. (Noob) Objective-C ques... +0.34
How does a stackless language work? -1.51
How can I turn on parenthesis matching in Xcode? -3.91
What do I need to learn iPhone development offline? -2.02
How to keep controllers out of xib -4.06
How to use performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: with primitive ty... +4.00
How can I add an boolean value to an NSDictionary? 0.00
The evilness of 'var' in C#? -3.03
Why does the iPhone SDK use categories, rather than protocols, for... -4.12
How to typecast an id to a concrete class dynamically at runtime? -2.30
why does my objective c method give me a "error: can not use a... +4.57
C:\Program Files problem -0.28
Is Objective-C only used for development on Mac OS/iPhone? +2.34
How do make modal dialog in WPF? -4.16
Knowledge of which other languages helps to understand WPF concepts +0.67
Developing for the iPhone outside Xcode -4.03
Where do OSX applications typically store user configuration data? +3.69
Typed FP: Tuple Arguments and Curriable Arguments -1.28
Markup-based GUI for python +3.82
Why Java programs? -3.12
Sizing a control to fit its container in Interface Builder +4.15
Are there are any Cocoa-based Data (ER) modeling applications for M... +2.31
Is It Ever Justified To Open A New Window/Tab From A Hyperlink? -1.72
Worst Case Time Complexity for an algorithm +1.37
Parsing a string for nested patterns -1.58
throwing an exception in objective-c/cocoa +1.73