An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1485.23 (4,343,843rd)
564 (244,713th)
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Title Δ
Are two graphs isomorphic in python, no imports 0.00
Correspondence between a tree and a word (Cayley's theorem) 0.00
Creating a graph based on specific conditions -3.77
Find out recursive pattern in a string java -3.88
Generate all unique directed graphs with 2 inputs to each node 0.00
Decompose undirected graph to minimum paths and cycles -0.93
QuickSI algorithm for finding subgraph isomorphisms 0.00
Is there a way to count the degree of a vertex in a weighted graph... 0.00
Adjacency or Edge List to Faces +0.56
How to determine if a graph has a non-unique topological sort 0.00
Understanding Nauty algorithm 0.00
Centroid of a set of positions on a toroidally wrapped (x- and y- w... -3.50
Algorithm for enumerating all possible ways a rectangle can be spli... -3.68
Counting isomeric n-carbon aliphatic alkanes 0.00
How to parse one line string representation of tree? +5.17
Graph Topology Profiling -3.35
Find all the combination of substrings that add up to the given str... -0.13
Efficient Algorithm for subgraph enumeration 0.00
How to make the random placing of ships not overlap any ships when... +3.92
Graph Isomorphism Heuristic Solutions +0.34
Generate String array subset with length <= 5 +1.44
Iterate through the list and grouping based on dates +1.78
Minimum number of edges needed to convert a forest into a tree 0.00
Compile complex Java program in Ubuntu terminal 0.00
How to find (print) specified field in a Vector of Vector Java -3.92
Efficient algorithm for finding max number of pairs -3.99
How to fill out an ArrayList with for each loop? (Java) -2.46
How do I update a file using an ArrayList, Java 0.00
How to use a single map container to put multiple type of Value obj... -0.04
In reference to the previous one i asked that why doesn't compi... +4.00
Compiling python code using java 0.00
Comparing the same list without redundancy +4.12
Java - NullPointerException in -3.60
Programmatic analysis of geometric shapes -2.88
3D Java programming tutorial isn't working 0.00
Libraries for ordered combinations generation and ranking? 0.00