An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1469.61 (4,393,460th)
777 (188,925th)
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Title Δ
KeyListener not working with arrow keys 0.00
Add number in map java -1.13
How to get Scanner to read next line of numbers? +4.42
How to print the result of a JavaScript function -0.61
Knowing when to create an instance of class over creating a subclass? -1.59
"cannot be resolved to a variable" in for loop +0.82
How do I pass an ArrayList method to a different method in the same... -1.66
How to close a .txt file as it opens -2.48
I'm stuck in this code 0.00
How input was taken just using object of Scanner class? -3.38
Initializing an object as a 2D array then printing it -1.01
Caused by: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 8, si... +0.28
JPasswordField value and string are not equal, but they appear the... -3.85
Using Recursion for Subset Summation? +0.19
The scanner is only reading the first line +0.66
Checkbox on my To Do list isn't working +0.37
Function doesn't work in JS Fahrenheit to Celsius convertor -0.31
Recursion - Print String Backwards -1.78
Loop controls in JAVA. How to control i=1 to n.. button[i].setText(... +0.03
Clip.LOOP_CONTINUOUSLY not working 0.00
Convert Boolean to boolean (java) -0.91
Trouble with strings and indexOf -0.77
How can I make a solid shift hue over time in python? 0.00
Android Java Repeat string x times -3.80
Making a text game and some options are ignored and just end the pr... -0.47
How do I prevent OutOfMemory Error when allocating new byte[] for F... +0.03
The best way of return boolean value in Java -2.82
How do I create a random matrix in Swing? 0.00
Divide quadrilateral into grid in Java +0.30
How to transform each side of a shape separately in Java? 0.00
Do while loops have local variables in Python? -3.73
How to create an histogram of asteriks from a Java array of number... +0.32
Calling child constructor interlaced in parent constructor in java -3.95
Generate random integer without an upper bound -3.42
Program to decide whether second number is a multiple of the first... -1.93
Java, set variable during time to half 0.00
Synchronizing overlapping sets of methods +0.02
Total Beginner: Python 3.4 spot the syntax error 0.00
Casting to a String -0.06
Multiple parameters for a single method -2.71
Binary search implementations +1.46
Can someone tell me what this means? 0.00
Java JFrame Background not working. Only working when I move the ac... 0.00
Regular expression to remove everything but words. java +3.94
How to cast subclass object to superclass object +2.98
Download file from url +0.05
Java class.newInstance when parent is abstract +5.53
what does "other" mean in Java? -2.02
Starting and stopping music files in Java? 0.00
Having more than one ArrayList +4.25