An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1702.02 (136th)
262,646 (153rd)
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Title Δ
How to delete a pointer after cast to void* and back 0.00
lambda's captured variable is reset -0.88
Moving lvalue reference into member variable 0.00
Why is a std::list<int> not sortable? +1.09
Names of constructors and destructors of templates 0.00
Haskell, How could I construct a new datatype so that the value of... -0.41
Why does this if conditional with string.length() evaluate inconsis... +0.24
C++ Multithreading: is initialization of a local static lambda thre... -0.80
What is wrong with this map? +1.55
the implemention of std::initializer_list 0.00
Detect implicit type-conversion of const-reference +1.98
Call function based on template argument type +0.91
What is the difference between *ptr and *ptr.get() when using auto_... +0.88
Will this declaration of local variables atually repeat many times? +0.67
Why can't I put the comparator inside the node? -0.25
Why is shared_ptr<void> legal, while unique_ptr<void> i... +0.94
Forwarding references, ref qualifiers and template member functions -2.11
Whiyam I getting this unexpected behaviour constructing class objec... -1.56
Is there a way to match a nested template type implicitly in C++? +1.60
Assign multibyte ASCII literals to enum values +0.86
Why can't a return type be function type but function pointer i... +1.01
Does const ref lvalue to non-const func return value specifically r... -0.26
How to add child/nested element inside json using json11 library? +0.24
Sorting a dynamically allocated, multidimensional C array with std:... 0.00
std::ostream as optional (!) function parameter -2.79
How to initialize vector of pairs while incrementing pair values in... -0.59
assigning Rvalue reference to Lvalue reference 0.00
Why doesn't my code swap the value of the variables even when I... +0.76
Advantages of using std::function +1.71
Is circumventing a class' constructor legal or does it result i... -0.94
Isn't this const auto& redundant? +0.62
Writing List of Strings Outputted by Function to a File +0.23
How do I make template type deduction work with references? -0.52
How to populate a const member array based on a constructor argument? +0.98
Erase key, value from map by value in C++ -1.23
Thread safe local variable +1.34
Erase element from vector,and the vector is fill with struct 0.00
Calling common methods / applying common functions to different con... +0.24
Different behaviour between "int &&" and "au... +0.99
C++ copy cin into cout directly but in reverse order +0.12
std::fill_n of rvalues, does it only support filling by copy? +2.06
Syntax for returning an array reference in C++ +1.16
typedef with const and without const qualifier -0.32
Initialize C-based typedef'd structure provided by C-Based API... -0.70
returning an empty initializer list as default value for a function 0.00
c++ template specialization and derivation +0.75
Why is C# running faster than C++? +1.07
Generic function dispatch mechanism +0.68
sorting an array and maintaining element's old index +0.40
Clang complains: "pointer is initialized by a temporary array&... -3.03