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James Brown

1555.43 (6,511th)
21,045 (6,382nd)
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Title Δ
manipulation of date fields in multiple file using bash in GNU/Linux -0.47
How to use awk to filter a .csv file -0.69
How to merge duplicate lines into same row with primary key and mor... +1.16
How to replace text in file between known start and stop positions... -1.18
Text manipulation using AWK 0.00
what is the meaning of a[FNR]=a[FNR]?a[FNR]","$0:$0 in awk? -0.33
find identical keys with different values from two text files +0.16
use awk to read a CSV with more than one char as field separator -1.51
awk super slow processing many rows but not many columns -0.01
how to transpose values two by two using shell? +1.42
Linux command for adding a space before a word -0.58
Picking input record fields with AWK +1.14
gawk match function parameter as regular expression -1.27
Chain grep commands to search for a pattern inside files that match... +1.03
How do I get the values of the created array present in file1 and n... +1.35
Print whole lines, when find duplicate +1.81
Convert each integer to a simple ASCII graph +0.66
Find rows in a file which doesnt contain a string and add text at s... +1.63
How to use Awk to output multiple consecutive lines -0.67
Awk sum up last n elements in for loop from csv file 0.00
Sort lines in bash if they contain a word +2.03
How do I get gawk to transpose my data into a csv file -0.18
Compare curent line and next line in awk +0.61
How can I remove the stop words from sentence using shell script? -0.60
How to extract specific value in bash 0.00
Breakline after matching pattern with awk -1.44
Display First and Last string entries stored in a variable +1.23
wondering if sed or awk can reorder using line number -0.48
How to sort a file by line length and then alphabetically for the s... -1.54
How to extract the third column using grep? +1.57
How to delete the matching line and the previous two lines in shell? +0.51
How to merge files depending on a string in a specific column -0.52
How to remove forward slashes that are alone but not ones that are... -1.12
awk filter rows based on date condition +1.36
Extract IP address from /etc/hosts file with SED command +0.42
COPY csv file with additionnal datas -0.08
Add / Insert xml tags into existing xml file using bash script 0.00
How to find maximum value in a column with awk +0.01
how to cut rest of the string after a special character and assign... -1.16
how to loop through string for patterns from linux shell? +1.98
URLEncode characters in string for a curl request using bash? +1.89
How to combine .tab.gz files into one gz file not repeating the col... +1.51
Compare and print last column in a file +1.11
Shell awk - Print a position from variable -0.26
Compare the first column and then combine two text files in linux w... +2.09
How to speed-up sed that uses Regex on very large single cell BAM f... +1.63
How can I use extract values using 2 keys using AWK in Bash? -0.35
rounding to 2 decimal points on a specific column 0.00
Bash: Reading a CSV file and sorting column based on a condition -1.66
how to compare multiple columns and print not matching columns usin... +1.91