An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Norman Ramsey

1595.81 (1,931st)
168,628 (307th)
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Title Δ
lua string.find not recognising substring -0.13
How can I use pthreads to read from many running processes at once? 0.00
Where are line breaks allowed within Haskell expressions? 0.00
How to split string by a delimiter in unix -1.43
Does an asynchronous-event-based programing languages exists? +1.35
What is the official way to install Haskell Platform 2014, from sou... -0.13
How can I get `emacs -nw` to work with xterm using UTF-8 locale? 0.00
Swap two parts of a filename or sentence separated by a - -2.10
C/C++ style -- modifying function arguments +0.64
Lua Lanes linda 0.00
Files that describe cpu architectures exhaustively to write retarge... +1.93
Convert ascii codes(integers) to characters +0.99
What type is chosen for a polymorphic expression when printed? -0.58
Make a generic C list to contain pointers 0.00
scanf dynamic allocation 0.00
How to read data and read user response to each line of data both f... -2.19
Find the k non-repeating elements in a list with "little"... +0.93
Gracefully Exiting a C Application +0.75
All list rotations in Haskell +0.55
Case Insensitive Associative Array Keys +0.85
C: Linked list word frequency - Sorting -0.56
What's the current status of restricted monads? 0.00
Haskell module naming conventions +1.17
Profiling a Haskell program +0.55
Why are newer languages able to show better and more precise error... +0.37
How to check if all letters of the alphabet are in an array with C... +0.85
Haskell: Type safety with logically different Boolean values -0.50
How to compare specific files in different commits in GIT? 0.00
Easily parsing a DSL with pure C -0.78
Why do backslashes disappear when run through echo? -0.60
Tree traversal and serialization 0.00
How to get "wc -l" to print just the number of lines with... +0.36
Best matching in a bipartite graph (e.g.associating labels with poi... -0.12
Haskell QuickCheck best practices (especially when testing type cla... +0.41
How to replace the space between two words with a hyphen if the fir... 0.00
Haskell monad: IO [Double] to [IO Double] +0.56
Haskell: Correct practice to specify version in source? -2.28
Use forever-branches or directories for project related documentati... -2.21
How to design a sequential hash-like function -1.18
OCaml functors :: counter-intuitive behaviour -0.81
Building a histogram with haskell, many times slower than with python -0.98
Using Functional Programming to compute prime numbers efficiently +0.54
Data.Set : does it always know best? -0.31
In Lua, how do you find out the key an object is stored in? +0.35
Lua reading in a file 0.00
How do I create Haskell functions that return functions? -1.36
Would my DSL for Lua work...? (this seems too simply to be true) -1.68
SIMPLE random number generation -0.27
Haskell: difference in performance from different function composit... 0.00
How do you represent a graph in Haskell? +0.93