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Denis de Bernardy

1559.07 (5,435th)
58,950 (1,576th)
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Title Δ
Postgresql: how to copy multiple columns from one table to another? -0.59
How do I add an extra signing cert to an existing gem? +0.42
Open source alternative of SCRAPY CLOUD from 0.00
I receive "incompatible character encodings: CP850 and UTF-8&q... +0.40
Searching for the right-most node of a materialized path tree +0.18
wordpress postgres database connection issue 0.00
Why this (dead simple) ruby regex behaves like this? +0.44
PL/pgSQL styleguide +0.42
PostgreSQL moving database with functions +0.43
Filter an array in Ruby -0.08
Meaning of __FILE__ = $0 as given on +0.20
How to declare instance of table with different types of column 0.00
Meaning or pipe then caret in Posix regular expression 0.00
Penalties for INSERT with existing primary key? +2.58
insert inserted id to another table +1.04
Sequelizejs model create callback is not running synchronously? 0.00
Why does Ruby throw NameError here? -0.87
Get element of character varying type by index or convert it to array -1.86
How to get the column name of the result of a least function? +1.42
Generating time series for everyday's am9:00 to pm2:00 0.00
How to create a method that returns the nth prime number? +1.34
PostgreSQL OFFSET field consistency across processes 0.00
Searching within a ruby array -0.30
How to reduce the costs of an sql select with order by? -1.81
Postgresql: how to return a single column request as an integer array 0.00
Postgresql delete action for copy command -0.09
postgresql : cannot execute a null querystring 0.00
how do you break a reference -0.32
Newbie questions. Ruby classes implementation by example -2.76
regexp_split_to_array, spliiting on '|' 0.00
Non-capitalized constant names in Ruby 0.00
Make Net:SSH update returned data packets/chunks in exec block more... -0.12
Auto-Complete/Primary Key as String - PostgreSQL 0.00
Rake feature -- strange argument 0.00
Return from a recursive call 0.00
perfect fit for a Postgres function or not (and how)? +0.42
Postgres ANY operator with array selected in a subquery 0.00
PostgreSQL get column with date + interval -0.09
Database design: Associating tables of variable types -0.05
Is it safe to change Collation on Postgres (keeping encoding)? 0.00
Same query, different table, different execution time on postgres +2.16
Save return values from INSERT...RETURNING into temp table (Postgre... +0.49
Postgresql Offset Behavior with json column 0.00
How do I fix the message "You didn't really think you coul... -0.04
Optimisation of the order of task execution 0.00
PostgreSQL INSERT bigint[] Array quote syntax 0.00
convert timestamp to hours - postgreSQL 0.00
Ruby gets.chomp and $stdin.gets.chomp difference 0.00
Ruby .sub! method on an element in array of strings yields unexpect... 0.00
Extracting the column name from two tables -0.10