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Rating Stats for

Joshua Nixon

1501.31 (400,937th)
750 (196,500th)
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Title Δ
Replacing items in a list the traditional way -4.21
How to read from user input until newline is found in Python? +4.18
Make tkinter label refresh at set time intervals 0.00
sum numbers entered by the user in a +3.98
How to use os.system to convert all files in a folder at once using... -4.10
Removing string from a list by using a rule +4.49
Python save multiple images with pyautogui 0.00 - Previous function affects the next function 0.00
how to merge 2 dictionary where the value is strings with same key -0.25
Iterating through list of lists and count matches with different list -0.00
How to create dictionary that gives location of word in a file +4.08
EOF when reading a line or idk 0.00
unable to capture window title python 0.00
How can I get the scrollbar to control the text region? +5.32
is it possible for me to only accept certain chracters like "/... -1.85
Data Multithread Parsing 0.00
Why doesn't PIP Install work for PDFMiner? 0.00
simple download.file() in r is not working with requests.get +4.26
python/tkinter scrolling jerkey 0.00
Limiting number of inputs while accepting from a space separated in... -3.81
Save tkinter dropdown menu choice in a variable to compare -4.02
How to run tkinter's after event alongside another task? 0.00
tkinter labels disappearing after time 0.00
Python 3, how to read from txt into 4 arrays? +4.13
Downloading youtube video through if and elif statement using youtu... +0.18
How to find how many times a word is repeated in a string? +0.23
Python: find_all is only working for some tags +4.13
how to print string with biggest number in it from a file +0.03
How to print in GUI not in console in Python 0.00
How to improve these codes about dividing students groups randomly... 0.00
How to open a tkinter window when a key is pressed +0.67
How to change a dictionary while iterating over its keys while iter... -1.27
Can I assign an object of a class to a variable if I already called... +2.54
First. second and third items of nested lists in 1 raw: 0.00
Updating tkinter label based on loop +4.32
Print lines from file that contain a string -1.06
How to check float using isinstance in Python? +0.11
How to print all the keys and values together from a nested diction... -0.84
URL requests with bad URLs Python 0.00
Detect key pressed in python not working 0.00
How do I count the change in a variable without freezing the progra... +3.96
Tkinter Toplevel Window Not Movable -3.44
Converting Python 3.6 script to .exe? 0.00
PyPyOdbc Correct use of cursor 0.00
FPDF different page size (documentation is out of date?) 0.00
a realistic usage of composition in python +4.28
AttributeError: '' object has no attribute '' - Try... 0.00
How to Get a Key value from a dictionary whose values are lists? -3.56
Break not working inside my if statement -1.90
IP address Python challenge 0.00