An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Anyname Donotcare

1424.40 (4,190,818th)
1,500 (108,095th)
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Title Δ
How to add attribute to the root of JSON object consists of array o... -0.92
How to create dynamic list of clickable links through Ajax call +0.65
Visual studio is hanging when add a new dataset to RDLC report 0.00
Cannot convert type 'string' to 'bool' while bindin... +0.09
Could not load type 'XXX' from assembly 'XXX'. at.O... 0.00
Connect SQL database with ASP.NET +0.11
Some sites do not allow requesting the same file twice (IDM) +0.61
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size... 0.00
How to call page method with a parameter through in a javascript ev... -0.40
Tutorial regarding iTextSharp in web applications in c#? +0.59
Report Viewer looks bad with master page? 0.00
Test performance +4.84
Error in my datetime data field in the RDLC report +0.70
arabic character viewing during runtime -1.68
how to get the second level text from the leaf? -3.34
Cannot find the option "Enable strong naming on precompiled as... +0.70
ASP Drop Down List postback losing session state in Chrome and IE b... 0.00
how to solve Invalid length for a Base-64 char array? +1.03
How can i use xpath or other method to get node content data from t... -2.85 file uploader not working with grid view 0.00
Force download ASP.Net -3.21
Uploading multiple files when user clicks on [add more] 0.00
Read Image stored in Oracle using Long DataType -3.98
PopUp at the end of button's operations -2.05
Validation for calender control of RadDatePicker (Telerik Controls) 0.00
How to Synchronise calendar with Textbox in -3.26
DateTime as empty String or null ?How to check? +2.00
How to assign the link path out of the application in -1.13
How to view Images From the Folders in Server? -3.37
invisible a listview itemtemplate item for a single item of a listv... 0.00
How to avoid postback of parent page while using modal popup extender -1.99
Inserting data to GridView using CheckBox +0.66
Difference Between 2 DataTable +0.57
Selected Index changed doesnt fire -3.71
improper act in web page +4.50
ListView with DataPager problem VB.Net / ASP.NET 0.00 flash muti-file uploaders - Is MultiPowUpload ok, or which... 0.00
Where is the link between a Data Source and DataSourceID? -3.08
Getting value of boundfield in gridview from C# -3.44
GridView Paging Problem +4.67
How to keep focus on the text box after text changed event -2.92
Open any file from -3.58
control sessions in application +0.06
The OrderedDictionary is read only and cannot be modified -3.41
How to remove the effect of all the parent containers on any child... -3.81
How can we do Paging in gridview? -3.74
When is it a good idea to submit a form via AJAX vs Server Side sub... -2.33
Problem with Google Apps email/smtp to send mails from website +4.06
GridView's RowCommand - detecting a page refresh and not reexecuting +0.06
ASP.NET Validation of viewstate MAC failed +0.41