An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Brank Victoria

1510.28 (66,549th)
1,222 (129,492nd)
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Title Δ
How to print the string of a JSON Object 0.00
How to know the language of html page? -0.70
Recursion Basics -1.51
if statement only executing on index 2 of for loop 0.00
Is it possible to access lan when using vpn? 0.00
How to catch possible error message and transfer it to sweet alert 0.00
Performing jquery.get() function in 0.00
Display image and title from json but message says cannot read prop... +4.33
Buttons append to div 0.00
Javascript uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'src' o... 0.00
i want to add id for a button in utils dialog 0.00
Asp.Net sending outlook email and get this 5.7.57 SMTP Client was n... 0.00
How can I retrieve the ID of the clicked button from the method han... +3.95
How to update global variable in another file in PowerShell? -4.09
Remove Object from multidimensional Array -1.11
java. Lock problem with an issue regarding attempts -3.98
bold and italics in edittext +3.89
SharePoint Search API 0.00
How to always show the PDF page number in html object tag? 0.00
Save data to text 0.00
How to move a series of files to a folder using variables in Powers... +3.98
Return scrollbar when user clicks outside of popup to close it +3.98
How to make multiple AJAX requests with a for loop -1.68
Add number as parameter to function after I get button from DOM? -3.91
Can I click into a YouTube iframe using jquery? 0.00
How can I trigger to a specific dynamic URL? 0.00
Hide div before reaching footer -4.02
Javascript Get the actual url to fill a form +3.92
CSS/Bootstrap - Move text to new row if it exceeds the column length -0.21
karate framework - how to count number of arrays in json response 0.00
Js on mousehover - find matching text from two divs +3.76
TypeScript: How to tell TypeScript in which If case I am? -2.56
How To display block from nth of type 2 in list item jquery -2.88
C# WebMethod retuen List<Object> +3.82
Hover + click joint action -3.82
Jquery-Stop setInterval after animate function 0.00
how to access value from array json object - javascript +3.92
Bring an item to the top of the list -2.88
Add, Update and Delete jQuery code didn't work -1.35
Jquery - on click not working on dynamically loaded element +1.91
Find the first Unique Non-anagram strings in array (JS) +0.11
read more / less for 2 different text -4.15
Trying to save changes as a whole as array inside an array that con... 0.00
jQuery REST PUT request doesn't work in my code? +4.01
How do I read one line for a .txt file in c#? -1.47
JQUERY nested element selector/element -0.11
date format on JSON Generator 0.00
jQuery Manipulate JSON Array 0.00
jQuery Convert string of values to array +4.73
How to put two button in the same line using only html and css? -0.03