An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.92 (420,159th)
2,425 (69,570th)
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Title Δ
Error code '502 Connection refused' -0.01
Google Storage API - Resumable Upload, AJAX, CORS Error 0.00
Get vimeo thumbnail image through SSL 0.00
Rainbow Jquery Plugin does not work 0.00
Sublime Text CoffeeScript build system: `env: node: No such file or... 0.00
chrome gives MEDIA_ERR_DECODE on all videos when scrubbing 0.00
Using mousetrap on a specific element? 0.00
Correct way to unify separate js files with several jquery (documen... +1.69
Chrome tab crash on decodeAudioData 0.00
Make Mousetrap work with Greasemonkey select text fields? 0.00
How Would I use preg_replace regex for 2 scenarios? -2.75
preg_match out puts arrays and no content -0.15
What's wrong with my code to record audio in HTML5? 0.00
Is there an open source library JS for keyboard binding in the brow... +2.14
Setting Up ChromePhp For Wordpress Using Xampp 0.00
Event bubbling for event delegation 0.00
Handling Combo Keyboard Shortcuts 0.00
Firebug Lite on Chrome - how to log to console with PHP 0.00
Javascript keyboard shortcuts for web application 0.00
JavaScript Event Delegation code organization 0.00
How to implement keyboard shortcuts on websites 0.00
which is the best Javascript Keyboard event library.(Hotkeys,Shortc... 0.00
How to make sure bug fixes in a version branch in Subversion are me... 0.00
IFrame content swapping bug? 0.00
Robust keyboard shortcut handling using JavaScript 0.00
PHP Console that doesn't require heavy installation or a desktop app? 0.00
Keyboard shortcuts with jQuery 0.00
PHP syntax highlighting 0.00
good php framework to run on a budget web host? 0.00
Slicing a multi-dimensional PHP array across one of its elements 0.00
Syntax highlighting code with Javascript 0.00