An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.49 (115,865th)
10,382 (14,621st)
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Title Δ
Add cookie / no-repeat function to random page refresh -0.08
jquery AJAX Autocomplete fail to append -0.70
Wordpress static homepage and sticky posts excerpt -0.03
Image should be center align as well as vertical align middle +3.86
How can I hook into the jquery ui drop event when moving widgets ar... 0.00
jQuery move list item to end of list +0.36
append.html jquery is not working the same as the existing html? +2.37
How to make a Facebook "Like" button that is just a link,... 0.00
how to evenly space layers within a container layer -1.34
need help CSS centering with absolute positioning +2.81
problems with htmlspecialchars -2.00
CSS/HTML Shadow problem +3.99
Questions regarding CSS design using 960 grid system -1.43
How to tell IE a HTML file on my disk is not a security risk? -0.17
cookies created in wordpress (latest) 0.00
Associating an image with a post in WordPress -4.10
What to use for trasfoming xml using xslt, js and css +2.08
Recommendations for dropdown menu items that are too wide? +0.81
reformat a simple html page on an iphone -2.75
jQuery UI put items into other containers -0.13
Dashboard Cross-domain AJAX with jquery -4.17
how to overcome IE bug when dynamically attaching div to body from... -2.07
Making HTML content expand to fill the window -4.25
What jQuery annoyances should I be aware of as a Prototype user? -2.00
Are CSS Frameworks Really Worth Using? +2.41
How do I change the html element <li>'s color with a click vi... +3.94
How can I update a web page remotely? Using a web service or email,... -1.40
frames behind pictures? +4.22
CSS rollover problems with Internet Explorer 7 -2.17
List of CSS features not supported by IE6 +3.96
How do you determine media type in Javascript? -0.12
CSS Display an Image Resized and Cropped +4.08
Multiple CSS Pseudo Classes -3.62
When to use IMG vs. CSS background-image? +4.03
jQuery and closure -3.96
How can i insert large files in mysql db using php? +3.03
Cancel jQuery event handling -3.94
MooTools and jQuery integration +0.04
Mininum and Maximum value of Z-INDEX -3.90
Matching Sizes to Font Family Failsafe in CSS +3.99
<select> ajax calls +4.01
Is jquery interface.js com always working with the new version of j... +0.28
CodeIgniter Form Validation - Get the Result as "array" I... -4.05
Inherit css property of a:link on to asp:label text attribute +4.20
aligning columns in two separate (but related) html tables +3.95
Text-shadow for position: static 0.00
Insert Comment Reply Form Into Page Using Jquery -3.85
User authentication with CodeIgniter +3.98
Lightweight Portable Editors -1.89
Can I copy/clone a function in JavaScript? -3.66