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Anant Singh---Alive to Die

1702.30 (130th)
58,481 (1,605th)
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Title Δ
Array.Push returns the last pushed object only..How to fix it? 0.00
variable is undefined PHP 0.00
How to get startdate and enddate of the between 0.00
How to put XML values of child nodes into an array and return this... -0.33
array_search does not match first key +0.24
PHP return shorthand if elseIf else not working as expected 0.00
How to parse element within element by class name? -0.38
How to unserialize data array from database to html format +0.25
how to echo print_r() array output +0.85
PHP SQL SUM column with condition -2.38
Removing the first characters of a phone number and replace them wi... -0.31
write html select with option in php code 0.00
Why query only delete the last row? +0.24
I want to hide a image button when session is destroyed or user log... +0.23
How could I get the lowest value from a mysqli result? 0.00
Why is the array key missing the last ] when passing field data via... 0.00
How to find missing number from an array without using function in... -0.26
How can I check the class is clicked or not by using If () javascript +0.53
Add items on array using loop +0.15
How can I insert the tag use the .html() from ajax success? 0.00
How to remove + in array 0.00
Remove dynamically created nodes 0.00
function to simulate left join on array not working properly in PHP 0.00
gmdate() expects parameter 2 to be integer, float given +0.69
PHP: Insert string before last character +0.24
access single value of php object array +0.53
Search in multidimensional array what keys contains a specific valu... +0.42
PHP sql query not returning correct number of rows to frontend +0.22
PHP Curl array show only one object +0.23
Dynamically change input labels 0.00
PHP - Display 2 dimension array with foreach +1.17
I want to change the key of multidimensional array +0.24
PHP array get item value gives only first char +0.22
Check values inside a foreach loop 0.00
Codeigniter query error: Undefine offset 1 0.00
Merge all arrays with the same value into one array 0.00
Find a replace string inside a div using jQuery +1.75
How to edit JSON with PHP? -2.51
SQL Column Name cannot be indexed by jquery 0.00
I have a "Call to Indefined function " PHP error 0.00
How to compare two string values using jquery? 0.00
Return all values from one array which do not exist in another array +1.00
How to count same value from a php array +0.55
Merge two array elements in new one +0.44
Array of Array to Array of object in php 0.00
Sum values in an multi-dimensional array +0.85
php-How to turn a negative number string into a int -0.26
activate the select by clicking on the block 0.00
If statement works but when I add else nothing works +0.23
clone div is not draggable after it is copied 0.00