An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1487.74 (4,322,891st)
1,982 (84,086th)
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Title Δ
Spring Boot server port serves on 8080 even after change 0.00
Build Crosswalk Stuck at downloading library 0.00
APK stopped working after minify, uglify - Code runs on : 'ioni... +0.31
Defining different abstract layout for different tabs in ionic 0.00
Classes not generated from tables in Entity Framework +0.15
Entity Framework SaveChanges Fail increment identity column 0.00
Entity Framework inserts instead of updating 0.00
PagedList doesn't work on IE but works on Chrome and Firefox 0.00
Open Stream API 0.00
vertical line chart (time series) in jqplot 0.00
How to set individual color for marker in Jqplot +0.11
updating jqplot bar chart after fixed timeinterval -3.95
JQM: Dynamic nested collapsibles - $(collapsible).collapsible() &am... 0.00
How to get integer value in Y-axis in Jqplot? 0.00
All model and Formcollection values are null, blank or don't exist... 0.00
How to find a button in Gridview and perform click programmatically... -2.39
GridView RowCommand event is not firing on footer template button c... +0.62
exporting to excel over https(SSL) using IE is not working in asp.n... 0.00
Glassfish Deploy CommandException Error 0.00
Logical Error in Shell script.Please help (UNIX) -2.51
Assembly - Array (Linux) 0.00
What does this `ld` error ("undefined reference") mean? -4.11
finding min & max +0.83
finding sum,min,max with array -0.66
finding sum,min,max with array -0.66