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Eugene Sh.

1578.48 (3,070th)
12,505 (11,691st)
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Title Δ
What is the best way to detect that a recursive function is called... 0.00
Bit masking for I2C writes? 0.00
C assert() expressions 0.00
Why does sizeof(x)++ compile? 0.00
Return date from 32 bit hex +1.88
Why cast free's return value to void? +2.11
what if I use many 'if's and only one 'else' +1.23
Why is `\` affecting the return value of printf? -0.27
Bracket order in multidimensional arrays +1.79
What is the fastest way in C to extract 8 bits from 8 different byt... -1.08
Why two return registers (in many procedure calling conventions/ABIs) 0.00
Why char value increasing 3? -1.38
Why does declaring an unsigned char "Volatile" make it in... +1.51
Is there a way I can shorten this if statment? -0.31
Can't get original value after sending by serial port +0.41
How to use list comprehensions to replace characters in a string? +0.74
Efficient symmetric comparison based on a bool toggle +0.63
Can anyone show an example where this precedence matters? -0.73
Generate multiple similar functions with C preprocessor +1.52
'strcpy' function doesn't copy properly 0.00
get unsigned long long addition carry -1.29
Convert signed int of variable bit size +0.09
How to simplify compound negated logic +0.28
Why does moving printf() in a while loop that uses getchar() produc... 0.00
Eclipse Makefile project to be built within a Cygwin environment 0.00
Can (a==1 && a==2 && a==3) ever evaluate to true in... +0.81
sprintf can't change static variable inside printf call +1.78
How to check if a function is calling back to itself +0.41
Does comparing a pointer that has been free'd invoke UB? +1.43
Understanding how UNIX fork() affects parent process +0.97
#define in inline assembly in GCC 0.00
How does integer promotion work on C Cast? +1.56
Is comparing the same string literals always true? +0.40
compare string in C passed as argument in the main +0.42
PROLOG - LCM of couples in list 0.00
Using Logical AND 1 when setting a variable in C -0.96
C generic inheritance with low verbosity -1.81
why strcpy return char * and not char +1.85
Choosing different header file depending on instructions from Makef... 0.00
c char array to uint8_t array +1.48
Race conditions can also occur in traditional, single-threaded prog... +1.27
Don't fully understand custom-written 'memcpy' function... -0.49
strcat() vs sprintf() inside a loop +2.33
Is there any better way to write device file instead of having mult... +2.63
Determining max number in C with recursion +1.89
Function squaring 2-d array python +0.52
post-increment and assignment in an array index 0.00
Why are the array elements changed after sort,C +0.42
MISRA 5.2 rule : confusion +0.40
Why my program does not run second for loop? +0.41