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Dalija Prasnikar

1559.34 (5,729th)
19,145 (7,203rd)
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Title Δ
FMX debugging Can't bind address, Address already in use -0.04
I don't know if I need to or how to implement those 3 basic met... 0.00
How to retrieve the dpi of the current device? 0.00
Fill ComboBox in separate thread 0.00
Delphi: Why does this generate a memory leak? 0.00
Use of TJSONAncestor.Owned to keep included Objects after free 0.00
Casting a JObject to a JList -1.24
Delphi helpers scope -1.34
Free TStringlist as function result? 0.00
Delphi FreeAndNil: Looking for an alternate implementation +0.40
inline var bug with anonymous procedure? 0.00
How can I create a dictionary with a custom Equality comparer? +2.43
What is the purpose of creating an abstract class function 0.00
How to iterate through JSON keys in Delphi 0.00
( Delphi fmx ) Can you create UI controls in a background thread wi... 0.00
Creating object instance triggers AV 0.00
Delphi: how to access an object's base class methods from an in... 0.00
Disable close icons on editor tabs? 0.00
How to safely access and modify an array while multithreading? 0.00
Self signed certificate in Android application of RAD 0.00
Avoid flickering in transparent control while runtime themes are en... 0.00
There is guarantee that accessing a nil pointer will raise an excep... 0.00
Is this a bug in System.Net.HttpClient on Rio? 0.00
What is Application icon size (83.5x83.5) for iOS? 0.00
Why I can't pass 'Child' class instance when switching... -1.38
Doubling component on "Standard" palette page 0.00
How to check if an object is already destroyed or not? 0.00
Will C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo support Android 9? 0.00
Android freezes on 'aligning project1.dpk' 0.00
If iOS app is transferred to another user account then will its url... 0.00
How to fix 'Access violation at address 00660938 in module Proj... +0.41
Will Delphi XE4 install on Windows 10 and will the apps created wit... 0.00
after calling TNSMutableDictionary.Create do we need to call release? 0.00
Delphi Rio fails to read external storage with READ_EXTERNAL_STORAG... 0.00
Delphi, Working around Google Play Console's "Design your... 0.00
Delphi tethering ResourceReceived fails to update TLabel 0.00
Firemonkey - TPopUp memory issue 0.00
Why the exception is not caught by the try... except end;? 0.00
result from AnonymousThread - how? -0.56
Why do only parts of my background color change in Android? +1.02
Modal Popups in Delphi Firemonkey on Android 0.00
Android Garbage collector Runs on Main Thread? +0.41
iOS objective-c object: When to use release and when to not use it +0.42
The problem about Google Play's target API level requirement 0.00
Delphi cannot execute procedure in Task with object references 0.00
Firemonkey TControl subclass cannot draw on component 0.00
app launcher icon changed to default icon on Oreo 0.00
iTask - values parameters to anonymous procedure +0.41
iTask - how to use variables as parameters to TTask procedure 0.00
Why is this interface not correctly released when the method is exi... 0.00