An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Robert J. Walker

1533.62 (15,187th)
6,514 (24,781st)
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Title Δ
Eclipse throws NullPointerException during Maven update -4.39
How to place button without spaces? 0.00
AngularJS field validation expressions don't seem to work in ng-show 0.00
Inform 7: Pick up thing based on if specific thing is in inventory 0.00
Render form in cycle 0.00
How does Boolean sorted? +3.50
Writing to MediaWiki: Connection reset by peer 0.00
Lock combination +3.64
Decorating a JFreeChart -1.29
The value of Integer.valueOf() -1.25
Is there any software to install for terracotta client? 0.00
Google Analytics for Android tracking Market keywords? -0.39
Java generics to enforce return type of abstract method -4.29
Rendering arbitrary XHTML with JasperReports 0.00
javascript date subtraction +0.80
Regular expression for valid email address? -3.08
How can I get whitespace between tags to not show up? +1.92
Best practices in internationalizing text with lots of markup? -4.15
Database framework developing 0.00
Your thoughts on web design for 16:9 screens +1.09
Any tips on how to organize Eclipse environment on multiple monitors? 0.00
Looking for an embeddable SQL beautifier or reformatter +3.70
Multithreaded access to file +0.39
Problem with HTML Parser in IE +0.03
Prime number calculation fun +2.50
Tapestry 4: Asset Cache Control? 0.00
What do you wish you knew before you spent hours trying to fix a bu... +2.55
What is your best programmer joke? 0.00
Unique element ID, even if element doesn't have one +1.95
How do I specify values in a properties file so they can be retriev... +3.50
Clearing all cookies with JavaScript +4.19
Is there any good or reliable way to figure out where a JavaScript... +1.99
JavaScript bookmarklet to delete all cookies within a given domain +3.84
Tools/Components for building a Survey Application +1.26
Hidden features of Greasemonkey +3.09
Java: Reading an ASCII file with FileChannel and ByteArrays +0.93
Why can't I delete this cookie? +2.53
How do I format a number in java? +0.98
Internationalized page properties in Tapestry 4.1.2 -0.06
Reading from a http-get presenting in Firefox bookmarks +3.93
Should you run one or multiple applications per tomcat cluster? +4.00
What are the pros and cons of the assorted Java web frameworks? +0.19