An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.61 (4,190,806th)
2,018 (82,629th)
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Title Δ
MYSQL Cannot Create Table: Error 150 -1.29
How to replace 'Shift+Return' with 'Return' in a Wo... -1.83
VB.Net Limiting Checked in the datagridview and get data from it to... +0.07
Remove duplicates from Dataset but log the removed rows -0.15 copy word into textboxes based on their position in sentence 0.00
Writing a code to replace a character with another in VB in MS Word 0.00
How to get all possible cases of a word -0.09
Add Range Object reference not set to instance, listview problems 0.00
Prevent raising Click event on RadioButton while moving from one to... -0.40
.GetFiles (path).length seems to think there are multiple files whe... 0.00
Changing checkbox appearance to button 0.00
Right click on ListBox open ToolStripMenu but doesn't select an... 0.00
Proper use and Transition of Subs 0.00
Remove rows in Datagridview based on criteria -0.36
MySQL REPLACE affects 0 rows but WHERE ... LIKE returns 90 -0.36
Error hresult 0x800a03ec trying to assign value to excel cell 0.00
Max String Length in every Column of a Datatable in VB.Net -0.27
Catch the control (button click) who raised the leave event on a te... -1.20
Button.Click event doesn't fire after TextBox.Leave event -0.76
How to mark a radio button as checked with no action performed? +0.59
Why does MsgBox require a byte variable [VBA] -1.36
DataGridView - display date in "Short Format" without cas... 0.00
Using VBA and Internet Explorer to Parse HTML -0.28
Excel VBA Error Doing Multiple Row Multiplication +0.60
How to execute two separate queries from one DBCommand object? -1.22
MySql error 1064, cannot add columns. Syntax error 0.00
If select query returns null then return lastest entry from db in m... -0.54
MYSQL: Writing a trigger on INSERT that equates a table's field... 0.00
How to get dataset from MySql Query using variables +0.57
Count rows and columns in Html Table having subtables using HtmlAgi... -1.84
SQL if or coelesce statement in where clause -1.68
Variable for Excel Columns. Column Assigned to Variable +0.09
mysql select sum, max, and another column value at the same row whi... 0.00
How to skip condition check in where clause if parameter value is n... -0.81
Select needed column with 'if', 'else' and compare... -1.83
MySQL insert errors -0.28
Update rows in MySQL for interval hour 0.00
getDate() function in MySQL does not exist -0.72
MySQl: where comparing values -0.74
Update multiple rows - errors in generated SQL? +2.00
How to get the correct format of dateand time in mysql? -0.17
Complete one field automatically 0.00
PHP array match MYSQL string -0.23
Joining a mysql table in a query depending on the value of another... +0.08
Rank users in mysql by their total points across multiple rows -1.55
Get main table records only from join with two other tables +2.65
Select two rows for each value -0.61
how add whitespace in string for searching menu? +0.08
How to select only those comments where associated posts's priv... +0.09
How to ensure no gaps in auto_increment numbers? -0.39