An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1709.72 (114th)
35,483 (3,232nd)
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Title Δ
sed unterminated 's' command modify line of file 0.00
GNU find: regex to find a range of Unicode codepoints 0.00
Unable to train neural network properly -0.27
How can i calculate or plot error of each class in CNN? +0.23
How to use 'sed' to add dynamic prefix to each number in in... +0.75
Using modulus in a loop causes segmentation fault (core dumped) 0.00
Duplicate Lines 2 times and transpose from row to column -0.10
how could I read and use the text file values (comma separated or l... 0.00
Add spaces after punctuation marks with sed -0.86
Destruction of each other in c++ shared_ptr +1.43
sed exceptions / if else condition on deleting word on xml +0.83
Count number of lines that matches between 2 strings from file +0.93
Forwarding traffic to custom key chain in iptables 0.00
Integer value changes during insertion to array +1.13
Why does my class std::vector member always throw a segfault? +0.23
Substring of numbers from a Non Ascii string in bash +0.66
C compiler reference implementation 0.00
Replacing a line in a file after grep command -0.92
unix shell scripting to find and remove unwanted string in a pipe d... 0.00
Uncomment closing accolade via sed +1.73
Function generates random number in array +0.24
cannot convert ‘std::function<void*()>’ to ‘void* (*)(void*)’ 0.00
How to subtract a column of values with another column of values? 0.00
Mergesort incorrect output c++ +0.85
Remove all one character words in string EXCEPT 'a' 'i&... +0.59
infix to postfix with non-commuting operators -0.34
Solving an iterative quadratic equation results in noise 0.00
Remove alphanum,num,email and other special char from the 6th field... -0.43
Curl - Printing value using grep -2.99
how can i cast float to char to write on a file using write functio... 0.00
using sed i want to print only some string in lines -2.84
How do I use super-sed's Perl regex dot match? +1.18
Split a file based on a particular search pattern and also have a p... 0.00
shell script not running locally 0.00
Why is my makefile not working as expected? +1.07
How can I retrieve the matching records from mentioned file format... -1.40
Creating a sin/cos graph with c++ 0.00
Decreasing Loop Interval by 1 in C/C++ 0.00
Constructing a vector of custom type with istream_iterator 0.00
sed substitution over a range +0.77
How to get particular data between two same marker patterns 0.00
bash: sed and/or grep having problems with specific line 0.00
Maintaining the separator in awk output 0.00
Makefile append wildcard match twice +0.25
Extract between two line numbers in same order +0.02
how to match a entire block of text and insert lines after in a she... -0.29
Delimiter a row after a specified number of characters in the line... -2.08
Use SED to extract value of all input elements with a certain name -0.26
Find and replace tab to spaces for a particular pattern in a unix f... -0.38
Capitalize all XML attribute names +1.49