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Bart van Ingen Schenau

1545.56 (9,181st)
12,982 (11,162nd)
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Title Δ
IntelliJ keeps adding duplicate Copyright Template Headers to Java... -0.27
How is compiler optimization speeding up the time between simple op... 0.00
Concept to Transfer Rater per Second while downloading 0.00
Explain why fork causes the IF condition to behave differently. +0.49
Does changing the target C standard achieve anything? 0.00
How to write a compile-time initialisation of a 4 byte character co... +1.16
help on question 1 from assignment 2 stanford 0.00
Netbeans phpdoc @return 0.00
Difference between multi dimensional arrays and array of pointers +0.39
const reference to a temporary object becomes broken after function... 0.00
Need help to correct my program Dev C++ 0.00
OpenGL ES 2.0 sharing esContext in C++ 0.00
In what context will resumable functions execute in C++14? 0.00
memcpy for specific byteorder c/c++ 0.00
hasNext() method in array iterator 0.00
Two way address translation or what? +1.66
Pointer representation -0.01
Explanation of the UB while changing data 0.00
boost exception with RCF on linux 0.00
Called function clears changes of previous one 0.00
Can two Threads use same Thread Procedure? +1.14
template argument deduction for destructor 0.00
For loop trouble across compilers 0.00
Explicit conversion C -0.00
Understanding Sum of subsets -0.06
Can I use scanf() function within printf() function giving a define... -1.25
Unit testing for private functions of a shared library +1.86
How to access the first element of std::list? -1.80
How to convert "normal" C++ class to template? -0.06
Compiler differences in g++ 4.7.2 and Intel 13.0.1 vs clang++ 3.2 a... 0.00
Inheriting from a C++ class with no virtual functions +0.14
Can an unnamed parameter of function have a default value? -1.60
does boost::thread::timed_join(0) acquire a lock? -0.03
Sources organization for C++ project +0.84
Polymorphism - Unsure about derrived class using templates - derriv... -0.07
How to set base class members before derived class constructor is c... +1.79
what locale does wstring support? -0.47
How does a C++ compiler manage to emit completely pointless code? -0.08
Template parameter type -0.82
Use inheritance to redirect with multiple parallel hierarchies C++ 0.00
Calling a function by ADL from another function 0.00
Dereference NULL pointer in C++ +1.76
Warnings when including C header file with C++ compiler +2.14
Producers/consumers with Qt signals/slots +0.43
Is int (built in data types) a class in c++? -1.15
boost::optional with const members 0.00
C++ deep copying with objects +0.87
Less Memory Usage -0.30
Operator in namespace scope hiding another in global scope +0.25
Friends, Abstract classes and Factory pattern -2.58