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erol yeniaras

1517.84 (35,104th)
2,478 (67,761st)
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Title Δ
c++: why not use friend for compositions? +2.30
Can I force a C++ class to compile using the minimum amount of space? 0.00
Linked list c++ print only 1 node +1.72
How to use the or statement (||) correctly, in an else-if statement +1.83
C++ Reading from a file given by user -1.48
AppCompatButton does not show on Android Marshmallow +4.11
Distinguish between positive and negative infinity in opencl 0.00
Two dimension array and assigning object 0.00
insert data to mysql from android application 0.00
Is there a simple way to increment a datetime object one month in P... -0.05
Writing to/Reading from a Vector (or ArrayList) with two threads -2.19
The database created in CPanel does not show in phpmyadmin. Any ide... 0.00
How to convert Python to C++? -3.19
Number input from txt file. Weird glitch C++ +0.18
Char-to-int conversion in C++ -2.92
Calculating position of a item relative to camera 0.00
Drawing large text with GLUT? +4.12
How to know if a word in a string has digits? +4.05
how to print three maps together in three different columns on cons... -2.42
Scan Body through phone and generate the height and size etc -0.55
Testing a C++ Linked Implementation Error +3.79
Delete a pointer as first key of std::map -3.84
Sharing the object with an another class c++ -3.78
Copy Linked List to Another List? +3.82
Scope in structs c++ -1.81
How to parse a part of a string, which have characters other than d... +4.21
Merge Sort on Array of Int C++ -3.28
Private data members are inaccessible to friend function -4.30
C++ Simple calculation outputting 0.0000000000000000 instead of 0.0... 0.00
How do I create a 1-D mat in OpenCV and initialize all the entries... +3.81
Unable to dynamically initialize array within a class unless size v... -2.10
c++ classes, const function that calls non constant function -1.58
C++ change border background color by code -2.77
accessing a method using a vector iterator +0.91
Find all permutations of 64 byte array? -4.34
Recursively printing a star pattern +3.94
cannot convert from 'cv::Scalar_<double>' to 'cv:... -4.58
Change Certain Colors in a Texture in Java using OpenGL +0.24
Converting array of bool to array of int +1.82
Returning a value inside a double struct C++ 0.00
Select every 3 consecutive elements from an array and comparing the... +3.78
error: bool operator== must take exactly two arguments -3.22
Can I assign a bool like this in C#? +4.26
C++ Sorting array that is a pointer to a class -0.28
c++ Replacing character with a number +3.79
Eclipse gives: "An API baseline has not been set for the curre... 0.00
Adjacency list c++ 0.00
How do pointers work +1.88
QT - How to send array using QWebSocket 0.00
How to connect ms access 2013 database to visual studio 2013 using... 0.00