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Pradumna Patil

1424.45 (4,190,814th)
1,413 (113,909th)
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Title Δ
iOS - Detecting Silent Mode 0.00
UITexField method call when done button click -0.69
UITableViewCell separator insets don't work when table.width is... +0.60
Crash caused by calling CFRelease() in iOS app 0.00
How to keep multiple TextViews from being hidden by keyboard AND to... 0.00
Objective-C - why the UITapGestureRecognizer crashing the app? -0.89
TableView lags when Scrolling -0.07
Want to show two items in each row with equal distance in collectio... +0.61
How to show Collection view in iPad but List in iPhone? +0.60
Receive null device token sometimes -0.39
NSNotificationCenter crashes my app -0.62
how to unzip file from objective-c ios 9 0.00
switch inside tableview cellForRowAtIndexPath +0.60
Idle timer in iOS +0.61
How to limit video crop section for 10 seconds in iOS? -0.38
How to create navigation Drawer in iOS? 0.00
Get time and date from internet IOS -0.41
How to add image to textView dynamically 0.00
Navigate through textfields in the UITableView +0.60
Why same nsmutablearray gives me valid value and a null on differen... 0.00
Redirect segue from one view controller to a different one -0.89
How can I record my app video like this? 0.00
How to enable or disable the keyboard return key +0.19
.xib file name is changed into ~iphone.nib while creating bundle -0.40
Resizing the height of tabelview according to the content size so t... 0.00
Convert array of image path into base64 encoded string.? -0.15
Get PDF document height in iOS WebView +0.56
delete row for UITableView in PageViewController 0.00
how to refresh tableview after soap request in iOS +0.62
How to jump to another view controller after the last page of page... +0.78
Understanding Memory Management retain count +1.36
how can i edit existing pdf file in ios like copy ,zoom,background... 0.00
Obj-C: Autolayout IB auto generated at build time for view with fix... 0.00
After dismissing imagePickerController memory not being released +0.77
Is any solution to backup my iPhone +0.90
UITextField becomeFirstResponder does not work in UIControlEventEdi... -3.00
Subtitle in dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier -2.26
Input score out of 10 into UITextField? -3.15
Bool Value not work in Swift -0.71
Swift Compiler Error - failed to import bridging header 0.00
Fix a UIView at the bottom of the screen without Auto-layout 0.00
Hiding copy/paste/return panel in iOS 9 (Shortcuts panel) -3.24
TextAlign not working in UIAlertView? 0.00
How to remove particular value into NSMutableArray using objective C? -0.55
Setting date format in Objective-C -0.47
UIWebView : css ignored 0.00
How to remove all items from NSCollectionView? +4.71
iOS: how to animate the fill in uibezier path? +0.86
Only one corner is getting rounded in UITextField/UIView -3.47
App auto renewals in app subscriptions 0.00