An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Zack Marrapese

1501.59 (369,952nd)
9,990 (15,249th)
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Title Δ
Angular doesn't see changes in JSON file -0.44
Why does Visual Studio look for unresolved project references in /b... -0.05
AngularJs Jcarousel implementation works only after pageresize 0.00
Visual Studio 2013 Crashed after Update 2? 0.00
Processing large number of data +2.27
How to mark a job as failed when interrupted from the console with... 0.00
Android app that will read in a webservice Do I use Soap or Rest an... 0.00
onbeforeunload to trigger shopping cart abandonment 0.00
Java package import depending on config -2.12
How to send email in html, using JavaScript -1.79
If you are using Scala as imperative language, you are doing it wro... +0.29
Memory efficient image handlilng -0.00
Detecting navigation to <a name="latest-topics"><... 0.00
Adding and Updating DataTable columns in C# -0.50
Populate another select dropdown from database based on dropdown se... -0.51
are the members of a static inner class by default static in java -1.33
XML input/output with Fitnesse -0.50
creating object using constructor -0.01
Simple layout mock-up design tool? 0.00
What to Put in the Comments of a Method That Represents an Action? -0.38
Simple Login Page 0.00
Print multiple lines output in java without using a new line charac... +0.80
Adding more than one image for an entity in database 0.00
fixing column headers while scrolling - jqgrid -0.71
Shuffle selected text on <textarea> using JavaScript -0.01
No response from servlet unless it is in debugging mode 0.00
Listen for Javascript Function Calls - Android 0.00
Error while showing map in an Android app of a user location derive... -0.52
How can I install an android app to the emulator? +1.69
how to show a portion of image like on -0.53
Sorting list of objects -0.75
php recursive increment +0.78
Soap not getting sent correctly, need to get the request +0.50
Installing Android emulator without eclipse -2.10
how do i update my main UI from service and still able to move the... -0.05
How to save items inside an Android app 0.00
Disappearing attributes in PHP SimpleXML Object? -0.53
How to run a java program by clicking a button on html -0.52
Why is my function not returning anything? -0.27
Find char newline at the end of closing tag </tag> using regx... -1.78
Specifying exact percentage widths in relation to parent DIV in CSS +1.26
I need write validDate() function in java +0.19
most efficient Java data structure for searching triples of strings +1.99
Comparing two arrays in Javascript +0.58
JSF 2.0: outputText does not print date 0.00
Automating the Android build process -0.22
How to limit the number of cells per table row to 3? -0.53
Show a set number of <li>s and then hide them to reveal anoth... +0.49
Java - Can a hashmap have 4 generic parameters instead of 2? -0.13
Resize all ImageViews in a layout 0.00