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1589.54 (2,341st)
33,416 (3,525th)
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Title Δ
How can I check if 2 subwords from a vector match a user inputted s... -0.13
Is it possible to rebind the std::bind to another function with add... -1.22
C++ Sorting numbers in arrays +0.84
The count of shared_ptr changes for each run 0.00
How pushing back R-value temporary objects to a vector works? +2.19
Multiplying within #define gives strange values 0.00
why the function cleanup_str must be qualified with 'static'... 0.00
multi usage of udp port on c++ / use port multi time on c++ server 0.00
Can't assign to return value because function 'operator->... +1.51
C++ avoid dynamic memory allocation 0.00
Copy part of a string directly to vector error: no match operator= +1.86
Does using range in Switch-case increases compilation time compared... -0.62
How can I initialize an array of its length equal to the return of... +0.73
Is there a faster way of implementing this 'ranking' algori... +1.53
Issues with Ascii Control Characters in .txt files, XOR encryption,... +0.38
c++ container inside another container +1.06
Difference between x * 0.1 and x / 10? -0.97
getting an extra unwanted value when resizing 2d vector 0.00
Why does this cppreference excerpt seem to wrongly suggest that ato... -0.66
I'm having some issue with arithmetic operators in string +0.35
How to edit unordered map from shared library 0.00
What is the real difference between u suffix and unsigned modifier? -0.19
How to turn motor on/ff automatically using Arduino 0.00
"Stack around the variable 'b' was corrupted." (N... 0.00
Conversion from lambda to non-scalar type requested +2.92
How to determine if the elements in the range [start,stop) are all... -2.11
Using C++'s reverse(string.begin(), string.end()) Why won't... -0.79
Getting a 'double free or corruption' error with calls to a... 0.00
Is explicitly calling destructors from constructors bad practice in... -1.02
function pointer in C++ in bisection method -0.34
Linking error when the class has the function defined inside -2.02
error: invalid operands of types ‘double’ and ‘double’ to binary ‘o... 0.00
Multithreads not behaving as expected +0.35
I can't print a vector inside a switch case 0.00
Is there an std::variant that holds all variants +2.15
Why is std::set allowing me to insert repeated (non-unique) custom... -0.82
Ambiguous compiling of string array with non-constant size? -1.15
Sorting a vector of vectors while maintaining relative order 0.00
Mechanism to check if a C++ member is private -0.60
C++ STD Containers: std::vector - Is there a way to clear the vecto... +0.38
How do I convert a cmake variable to a string in C++ code? 0.00
How to strong-type an integer in C++? +1.95
How can i erase duplicated elements from a multimap<int, std::pa... 0.00
How can i fix this " expected expression before ']' &q... -2.52
Can anyone explain to me this "Access violation writing locati... +0.26
Why can't part of a string be passed onto atoi or stoi? +1.97
C++ char array[] memory leak -1.08
Base64 implementation with bit shifting 0.00
Why the exception is thrown on std::deque.erase()? 0.00
How are smart pointers of a derived class implicitly convertible to... +1.64