An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1730.77 (60th)
101,421 (736th)
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Title Δ
C++ list of vectors +0.54
Error when trying to compile a C++ file -0.24
get a substring not knowing the length c++ -0.17
What workaround can I use for compile error C2797 in the following... 0.00
How do write a get line in c++ that grabs a line from a text docume... 0.00
C++ Setting class values +0.83
C++ Function Template: how to call function which returns Template... +1.06
Why is my program writing to the same line in .dat file 0.00
Using overloaded input operator with this pointer +4.08
Why is a char pointer dereferenced automatically in a dynamic array -3.09
function declared globally in main() is not in scope of qt widget s... +4.06
how to find distinct substrings? -1.58
maxlength and minlength Not validating HTML textbox in IE -0.00
c++ check xs:double datatype 0.00
Why does my array element retrieval function return random value? +4.27
How to understand the "program ignoring my input request"... +4.13
Passing char arrays to a parameterized constructor is failing -3.99
Reading file backwards , c++ ifstream +0.23
Crash: this may be due to a corruption of the heap +3.39
C++ can operator delete fails and if not why? +4.50
Return a const reference and non const member function call +0.15
Why are there two versions of operator new overload? +4.85
C++ : Structs, operator "new", and const 0.00
Compiler Error for classes in hierarchy -3.66
Unhandled exception within my menu +4.08
C++ Sorted Structure Linked List -3.74
Can a vector class in C++ be used like a Dictionary class in C#? +0.10
Cutting numbers after the comma -4.27
Getter and Segmentation Fault 0.00
How to set compiling flags in cpp files (C++) +5.13
Adding two objects together in c++ 0.00
C++ polymorphic pointers created in for loop refer to the same thin... -0.90
I don't quite understand this algorithm on queue -0.15
Is Qt's connect call itself thread safe? 0.00
C++ How to create a dynamic array of vectors? +3.28
C++ Binary search tree switch statement issue 0.00
How to make C++ code robust with regard changing compilers/OS's +0.46
Difference between strlen(str.c_str()) and str.length() for std::st... -1.27
Two loops with STL iterators +0.05
How to get overflow exception in C++? -0.12
How to deserialize a vector of pairs and objects using boost c++ 0.00
std::array aggregate initialization requires a confusing amount of... -2.74
C++ Multiplying elements in a vector -2.29
Data not correctly read from file using >> operator 0.00
I am trying to calculate the execution time for my code 0.00
What is the time complexity of this while loop? 0.00
How can I dynamically allocate memories for 4-D array with 2-D fixe... 0.00
C++ STL's copy() exception safety -2.51
Boost includes wreaks havoc - but it's not Boost's fault 0.00
NFA simulator error C++ +4.03