An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1753.96 (36th)
114,186 (597th)
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Title Δ
Using Template Member data 0.00
Vector of pointers pointing to object, can't access object data... 0.00
Switch statement behavior in C++ -4.19
error: `MEMBER` in `class CLASS` does not name a type; C++ +4.01
Implementing an iterator copy constructor -1.97
vec.erase(vec.end()); Legal? -3.33
While loop meant to verify user input constantly loops -1.24
How to store reversed string by inbuilt reverse() function in c++ +0.02
Populating a 2D array with my own input variables in C++ 0.00
Possible to access a typedef declared within a class declaration? +3.63
How to make user input declare the size of string array? 0.00
Example of Why stream::good is Wrong? -0.75
Dealing with an invalid operands error -4.15
Variable not declared in this scope 0.00
Precedence while overloading operators C++ -3.40
Pointers; Simple Allocation of An Array +3.67
Why does it only calculate the first line of the function and not t... +4.08
OpenCv round after division -1.84
Array like struct of vectors 0.00
refering to a QString -0.50
Getting a vector::reverse_iterator from a vector::iterator? +4.49
c++ array of uint8 buffers +4.03
Why is my string reference member variable set to an empty string i... +1.69
C++ wifstream: Incompatible type char const*, wchar_t const* +1.28
Program Efficiency & Readability -2.93
"double free or corruption" error when implementing Dynam... -4.02
How to make sure, that I have operated with every pair of elements... +4.02
Does std::deque also suffers from issues with re-allocation 0.00
Having issues using ifstream in c++ 0.00
How to override the constructor in the base class? 0.00
Reading spaces from file -2.54
Std vector of std matrices (vector of vectors) in c++ +4.07
Outputting to console from Char Array +2.74
Having an issue with pointers 0.00
Using or not using const on methods that modify / allow the modific... +0.45
Circular permutation with two iterators -0.16
Difference between these two types of declaration in c++ -1.65
Writing a Default Constructor Forces Zero-Initialization? -3.64
C++ cin.getline() causes program to crash +3.99
How can you compare two character strings statically at compile time -1.64
Approximation of a polymorphic local variable -3.57