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R Sahu

1604.22 (1,483rd)
167,843 (285th)
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Title Δ
how to read line by line in a text file and populate a pointer to o... 0.00
For loop returns multiple true statements how to return as one true... 0.00
Receiving error 'E0415' when trying to return a vector 0.00
Undefined reference to static constexpr member only used by value 0.00
Problem with linking C library to Qt project +0.35
How to fix an infinite loop that keeps occurring in when a switch s... +0.36
Matrix class: "No instance of overloaded function push_back ma... 0.00
Operator << overwrite with std::ostringstream issue 0.00
Function that returns struct item from a vector based on structs me... 0.00
How do you get the largest integer from a set of numbers in c++? 0.00
How do I append 10 arrays to form a single array in c++? +1.21
cin won't stop after file input 0.00
Fail to delete a pointer +2.03
C++ Operator Overloading '+' -0.12
Why saving to a file is not working as expected? 0.00
Dividing bigint presented in string to 2 0.00
How to define []= and at() = for a custom collection? -0.39
Using a lambda in place of an index-able template parameter -0.05
What is the proper way to assign to an array inside a C++ class? 0.00
Format string from scientific notation to string without it -0.14
How does a comma separation function when declaring variables 0.00
Templated comparator as a third argument in find_if 0.00
Does anyone know what's wrong with this while loop? 0.00
How do I print the same value repeatedly? 0.00
Why List class has to contain a Node struct as a private member C++ 0.00
QVector<QVector<>> size +1.82
The cin.ignore removing first character the second time function is... +0.36
Prefer overloaded function over the other when reference to class i... 0.00
No viable conversion from 'shared_ptr<Pin>' to 's... 0.00
c++ How to parse a file into vector of structs -2.39
How to overload the increment operators in C++ for an Object with 2... 0.00
Foreach loops and arrow/dot operator difference? -2.36
reference binding to null pointer error during vector insertion -0.65
C++ template function problem with concreating 0.00
How to avoid code duplication in initializer lists +2.76
How can I pass method as an function argument? 0.00
Constructor of a class with an attribute that is another class object 0.00
How to assign an array to another array in a constructor? +0.33
Order of Initializer list in C++ -0.70
C++ - Ambiguous Overloaded Template Resolution/Deduction 0.00
How would I de-allocate this? -0.73
my function skips a loop parameter in c++ -0.94
Does string::capacity/reserve() count terminating null? -2.46
initializer list with struct and inheritance -1.31
x++ for object in C++ 0.00
How can I initialize a vector member variable using the explicit le... +0.74
Why `r(sqrt(x*x + y*y))` rather than `r(x)` +1.14
What does this pointer do with stringstream? 0.00
G++ and CL(VS2017) both compiled successfully but the cl-compiled e... +1.69
Passing an Array built off of a Struct to a Function that Stores Da... 0.00