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R Sahu

1606.97 (1,505th)
176,909 (286th)
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Title Δ
C++ Iterating over vector of class pointers and using base function +1.59
What is the class keyword without a body for? -0.62
Why does auto works differently in "range for" in 2D and... +0.20
Overloading function call operator () for indexing and assignments... +2.01
How to overload operator<< with a function as parameter (like... +2.02
Overload operator '<<' without output streaming inten... +0.11
Convert from a Base object to a Derived object in C++ 0.00
Manual call of destructor +1.49
Does istream::ignore discard more than n characters? -0.55
How can I implement a function, which is specified with an "ex... +1.55
lvalue and rvalue getter, is it possible to remove them? +0.55
Is it safe to pass nullptr to C function? 0.00
What is the precedence of operator used here in for loop +0.30
What's the point in passing I/O as parameters? -1.59
trying to create private member array, with size given from initial... -1.09
How to pass value to parameterized constructors if there objects ar... 0.00
assigning and changing data type during compile time ( c++ ) -0.02
Why is the output of the maximum of two string literals wrong? -1.28
Are Variables in C++ implicitly pointers -0.13
(C) pointers to function in a struct and functions calls (display i... 0.00
The elements in an array seems to be changing, array's first ha... -2.19
Is it ane analogue to <?> generics in C++? 0.00
What is this construct : template <int> void funcName(int i)? -1.65
Template default init, if there no default constructor in a class +2.30
How to use C++ regex to find characters between square brackets 0.00
C++,runtime error: member call on null pointer of type +0.34
Template functions using namespace as parameter? 0.00
Creating a container to store Template Class instantiations +0.84
On passing a pointer to a structure to different functions I am get... +0.35
Function for Newton's Method in C++ -1.24
How is it possible for a const T& to refer to a literal? 0.00
Use of lambda expression in C++ ternary operator : error type misma... -0.65
Stream Insertion Operator << Overloading Undefined Symbols fo... -1.60
recursive function in cpp gives error "Segmentation fault (cor... 0.00
C++ why are typedef structs unique compared to typedef primitives +0.16
Appending ampersand to a class method -2.67
C++ Reading from a file - First line of file being skipped, and las... 0.00
no matching function for call to a function in merge sort -0.64
Typecasting of Pointers in C++ +0.47
Why can two std::vector iterators not be summed? +1.29
Why does the below code give 'std::logic_error' what(): bas... +0.34
Function is exiting loop too early -1.79
Vector slicing in C++ in recursion -0.53
Does Polymorphic Slicing occur when Derived Object declares no New... +1.84
C++ && operator not evaluating the conditions +2.26
c++ inheritance and container covariance +0.28
Why compiler cannot deduce template template argument? -1.73
Set member function pointer to free function pointer 0.00
Increment by variable names for a memory address 0.00
How do I solve this inheritance problem with explicit initialization? -0.97