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R Sahu

1608.10 (1,435th)
176,909 (286th)
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Title Δ
Creating a container to store Template Class instantiations 0.00
On passing a pointer to a structure to different functions I am get... 0.00
Function for Newton's Method in C++ 0.00
How is it possible for a const T& to refer to a literal? 0.00
Use of lambda expression in C++ ternary operator : error type misma... 0.00
Stream Insertion Operator << Overloading Undefined Symbols fo... 0.00
recursive function in cpp gives error "Segmentation fault (cor... 0.00
C++ why are typedef structs unique compared to typedef primitives 0.00
Appending ampersand to a class method 0.00
C++ Reading from a file - First line of file being skipped, and las... 0.00
no matching function for call to a function in merge sort 0.00
Typecasting of Pointers in C++ 0.00
Why can two std::vector iterators not be summed? 0.00
Why does the below code give 'std::logic_error' what(): bas... 0.00
Function is exiting loop too early 0.00
Vector slicing in C++ in recursion 0.00
Does Polymorphic Slicing occur when Derived Object declares no New... 0.00
C++ && operator not evaluating the conditions 0.00
c++ inheritance and container covariance 0.00
Why compiler cannot deduce template template argument? 0.00
Set member function pointer to free function pointer 0.00
Increment by variable names for a memory address 0.00
How do I solve this inheritance problem with explicit initialization? 0.00
C++ geting -243030403 and \300\371 numbers 0.00
Is an argument copied to the resulting temporary when both the func... 0.00
Check for template type parameter, during compile time, for type sp... 0.00
Instantiating an array in a class and then creating an object of th... 0.00
Function with 0 arguments - void vs void*? 0.00
I'm getting a runtime error in this merge sort algorithm code 0.00
Should private function members be exception safe? 0.00
If a derived class object calls a base class function, static varia... 0.00
Specifying void* parameter in derived function 0.00
In C++, I'm getting a compiler error that I can't make sens... 0.00
Cannot convert the same type g++ 0.00
Random numbers on if array 0.00
Violating const correctness: What problems should I expect realisti... 0.00
Array must be initalized with brace enclosed initalizer -0.39
Assigning to struct member using structType*& -1.89
When I remove the keyword virtual from the below code it works fine... 0.00
How to properly cast char ** x to const char ** 0.00
C++ empty() and all_of() for checking string is empty or have only... 0.00
long long v/s int in file input output in c++ +0.35
did in i need in my c++ code to use vectors or learn STL -0.15
Limit using/typedef to class scope 0.00
Return 2D char array from function in c++ and print it -2.17
how to read and parse text files with istringstream? +2.77
Why move on std::map is failing to move a element from one map to o... -0.32
Avoiding C++ virtual inheritance -0.63
Map error in the initialization with static functions +1.54
What is in reality "endl" (or any output manipulator)? Ho... +1.90