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Rating Stats for

Dmitry Grigoryev

1450.97 (4,405,462nd)
2,136 (78,434th)
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Title Δ
Modifying const reference argument via non-const reference argument -2.47
Why should I always enable compiler warnings? +2.28
How to use a signal as function parameter in CAPL 0.00
Undefined behavior of right-shift in C++ -2.25
Function pointers in C - nature and usage -2.68
Can't route requests in a python script through tor without sudo +0.49
What is the difference between returning a char* and a char[] from... -2.19
Is casting an array to a homogeneous struct portable in C? -0.18
How can I read command line arguments using Raspberry Pi (ARM) Asse... 0.00
Why not concatenate C source files before compilation? -0.62
How to do classname obfuscation using secure method? -3.03
Why there is no 16-bit information in ELF magic number? -1.85
Simple approximation of Sine +1.71
String assignment to uint8_t in c -2.94
Linking shared library to executable -1.98
Adding paths to arguments in popen -3.67
Find CPU times and system times of process in linux 0.00
Shell/C semaphore 0.00
Whenever I enter amount more than 500 the program stops! How to fix... +4.21
Static variable cannot be found by name when debugging 0.00
Linux, C++, ThirdParty libs -3.58
Alias for a C function in IAR -3.78
Compiling an application for use in highly radioactive environments +2.25
Compiling executable with "-fPIC" flag (no shared library) +4.12
Working with 2 pythons on same machine +0.38
How to force IAR linker to keep unused functions? 0.00
SD card: how to force the kernel to read the WP pin again without r... -3.74
Is there an equivalent of WScript.ConnectObject in python? 0.00
Breaking out of a loop from within a function called in that loop -2.99
Getting a list of all active messages in a CAN Bus 0.00
How to load a dll into VS c++, which acts like a wrapper to another... 0.00
Class with pointer members and memory assign +4.24
fgets() from stdin causing segmentation fault 0.00
How is line buffering implemented for C stdio input streams? -3.96
how to pick random items from a list while avoiding picking the sam... -2.92
Should I make my code dependent on external libraries? 0.00
Why supplying a pointer argument to %s does not work? +5.90
Bash: Reading a column from ls -l -0.63
lightweight library for image cropping 0.00
bison.exe not found compiling PHP7 in VS15 0.00
how to allocate memory for unknown size struct array in C -1.68
How can I pass an unquoted string with spaces as a quoted argument? 0.00
How to stop tee to truncate the stdin when using process substitution 0.00
How to preprocess a C source code for pycparser 0.00
How to include a .h or .dll file in CANoe/CAPL -1.64
Sum total number inside two foreach loops -3.91
Linux using swap instead of RAM with large image processing 0.00
AT Command to change frame size gives ERROR 0.00
Running multiple external programs -1.82
Difference between /usr/lib/ and /usr/local/ in installation of Pos... 0.00