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1450.33 (4,405,625th)
1,503 (108,102nd)
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Title Δ
How control vertical spacing of div children? -1.98
What are some better ways to avoid the do-while(0); hack in C++? +0.40
How do I calculate my 3D View Matrix for the Oculus Rift in XNA? 0.00
OpenGL on Windows/MFC: FBOs? 0.00
should i run the risk of throwing an exception for an unimportant m... 0.00
How to translate these hex numbers into bitwise values? -3.02
Question About An Implementation Of Parallax Scrolling In C++/SDL/O... +0.52
Rendering a *stuffed* translucent cube in OpenGL -1.68
Using Perlin noise to create lightning? -3.57
How can this function be optimized? (Uses almost all of the process... +0.74
What is crossplatform code snippet for getting totall cores amount... +5.53
OpenGL and SDL, resizing window while keeping internal resolution u... 0.00
Object going through wall during collision +0.51
Efficient way of reading depth values from depth buffer -2.57
How to Use Timer in MFC Dialog based Application? -4.08
how to use background image for texture in openGL +1.11
How to convert captured bitmap to 8 bit image as gray scale? 0.00
C# + high resolution timer -2.53
Why can't I get values from depth texture using FBO? 0.00
is this a valid delete operation in c++? +1.09
Rotation matrix problem, besides rotation my object gets translated... 0.00
Access global class name hidden by local name +0.55
FBOs are not working properly in OSX 0.00
How to make fading-to-black effect with OpenGL? +2.63
SDL_Mixer MIDI Volume issues on Windows Vista/7 0.00
Beginner in openGL and C++ : ask for help to render a unique video... 0.00
OpenGL: Compute eye space coord from window space coord in GLSL? -1.18
gluUnproject on GL_Points or finding the depth coordinates from mou... 0.00
WPF as OpenGL texture 0.00
T is not a class but it is -3.49
When can optimizations done by the compiler destroy my C++ code? +1.64
Better to create new VBOs or just swap the data? (OpenGL) -3.70
Image Processing on GPU- sucessive shaders for filters - FBO 0.00
OpenGL fast texture drawing with vertex buffer objects. Is this the... -3.67
Lightning effect in opengl es 0.00
Problem mapping textures to VBO in OpenGL 0.00
Heap Corruption, Possible Memory Leaks, C++ -0.36
Ideas to debug and solve a very sporadic crash - appears to be an AV -1.67
Generically reading a well-formed binary file -3.64
does C++ automatically cast const ints to floats? -0.57
OpenGL Alpha Stack +4.15
const char* to LPTSTR -3.53
Thread safe C++ std::set that supports add, remove and iterators fr... -2.40
Unicode Input Handling in Games -1.08
Graphics-Related Question: Mesh and Geometry -3.86
How do I put my OpenGL app into fullscreen mode? -1.22
Can I rely on this to judge a square number in C++? +0.95
How can I allocate memory and return it (via a pointer-parameter) t... -2.30
Is it possible to make OpenGL draw GL_LINES with a pen-like stroke? +4.04
What is a simple example of replacing c code with assembly to impro... +1.24