An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.91 (111,028th)
57,606 (1,645th)
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Title Δ
How to avoid violating the DRY principle when you have to have both... -0.89
How to pre-allocate C# List of List of T -1.99
Speak c# delegates +0.69
how to join two tables in sql and showing the results event A then... -0.51
we have 2 tables: "hall" & "trainer"; we wa... 0.00
Nullcheck multi level object -0.17
How should I organize my git branches in this context? +0.25
How to use int i for selecting text box NR -0.98
Comparing performance between different sql queries which produce i... +0.04
c# Read 'n' amount of random lines from txt file -0.61
SQL most efficient way to check if rows from one table are also pre... +0.48
Fastest way to get a part of a string (int) with a delimiter in C# -0.50
How to combine two SQL delete statements into one 0.00
Is it possible to test SQL data in a C# unit test? +0.50
Create specific exceptions for JQuery-UI tooltip behavior in a docu... 0.00
sql join same tables on multiple unique keys 0.00
Find time taken by each task while running multiple task in C# -0.46
Linq Query to check if the records are all the same +1.31
Why do we re-implement parent interface of derived interface on cla... -0.84
Deserialised class is blank - JSON C# -0.67
How to make a Form load before opening another? -0.06
Optimize an invoke logging function - multithreading 0.00
Convert SQL query with GroupBy and Avg to LINQ +0.47
Expire offer after a few minutes 0.00
EF Core: Make reference object readonly but still includable 0.00
Is there a way to arbitrarily pick one result in SQL query without... +0.82
How to Never Retrieve Different Rows in a Changing Table -0.50
How can a C# program run another program with admin privileges? 0.00
Throwing out of range exception for DateTime +0.49
Which collection class to use for a rolling period timeseries of da... 0.00
How to get the first n sentences from a string in T-SQL? -0.16
How to filter duplicate rows and filter rows based on a single colu... +0.41
Custom Sort Order Using System.Linq.Dynamic 0.00
Suggestions on on-going development of database schema when it'... 0.00
Multiple constraints on generic methods? +0.10
List With Multiple Types -1.64
How to generate in C# a random number of length of 1024 bits? 0.00
The INSERT INTO statement contains the following unknown field name... -0.27
Is csv with multi tabs/sheet possible? -1.20
startup form.close and application.exit not terminating app -0.15
How to combine class and entity framework model 0.00
How to prompt the "Choose a default program" in code? -0.52
Creating Dynamic Queries in C# -0.17
How to write to a text file in a sub directory of program C#? 0.00
Linq - Receiving error "Unable to cast object of type 'Sys... -0.02
Grave accent / tilde console key -0.48
Data in C# to JSON +0.85
Order By Without Sorting SQL +2.06
Generics and Class Inheritance confusion -1.00
inner join based on over 100 attributes +0.17