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Sotirios Delimanolis

1708.08 (119th)
220,366 (196th)
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Title Δ
simple completableFuture.exceptionally() not triggered when complet... 0.00
SpringMVC, why '@RequestBody String body' stops working aft... 0.00
Extracting properties using SimpleCommandLinePropertySource does no... 0.00
Can CompleatableFuture be completed exceptionally in handle method? 0.00
Spring: Injecting all values of String List into a bean +1.44
What is path in GSON MalformedJsonException error message? 0.00
Jackson custom serializer to use in Optional<?> 0.00
Wait for any of two Futures/Runnables/Callables to complete? +1.02
CompletableFuture how to return first FALSE or wait until all are c... 0.00
Convert JSON array containing pairs to a list of points +1.47
JsonNullable is not serializing its value with Jackson 0.00
How to get method annotations on a proxied class? 0.00
How are outer classes associated with inner classes in java? +0.91
Gson custom deserializer for String class 0.00
Is it safe to check fields after `Future<?>` tasks are finish... +0.24
What is a scoped proxy in Spring? 0.00
What are the "env" options (and their purpose) when creat... 0.00
WeakHashMap and ReentrantReadWriteLock +1.47
Does an object always see its latest internal state irrespective of... +0.66
CompletableFuture and Garbage Collection 0.00
Multiple asynchronous HTTP requests using Resttemplate -2.94
Akka: Trying to understand order of message delivery between Actors 0.00
Why will Gson pretty-print to the console, but not the file? 0.00
Which ApplicationContext implementation used in simple spring boot... +0.72
Avoiding "No mapping found for HTTP request with URI" or... 0.00
In fasterxml, after deserialization json, if enum is first property... 0.00
How to serialize a map with enum keys in declaration order with JSON? 0.00
Converting JSON string to object returns "Expected BEGIN_ARRAY... -0.01
Why do method() and super.method() refer to different things in an... +0.74
How to resolve MethodArgumentConversionNotSupportedException with M... 0.00
CompletableFuture immediate failure -0.26
Parse Json from Java properties file using gson library 0.00
Does CompletionStage always wrap exceptions in CompletionException? +0.22
initializer as opposed to assignment statement -2.59
How to run Spring unit tests with a different JUnit Runner? 0.00
How to define an xml-configuration spring bean that is the result o... 0.00
Spring REST Controller content/type not supported for all content t... 0.00
jackson serialize map to a list of customized output 0.00
Why are @Bean Generics creation methods on a superclass called late... +0.90
How can Guava just cast future to listenable future? 0.00
Why are my enum fields being serialized? 0.00
Using Gson convert Java object into JsonObject 0.00
Does spring @GetMapping work with MockMvc 0.00
Why is package-protected method not visible in the same package? +0.59
Jackson fail deserialization if field is not present +0.23
Garbage collection seems to shutdown local executor and cause Rejec... 0.00
Placeholder in Thymeleaf template cannot be found on null 0.00
How to use Spring's `PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer` to r... 0.00
OffsetDateTime fails with localized formatter using FormatStyle of... +1.23
Confused by Spring's JSON serialization 0.00