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Sotirios Delimanolis

1700.86 (129th)
216,346 (194th)
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Title Δ
What are the "env" options (and their purpose) when creat... 0.00
WeakHashMap and ReentrantReadWriteLock 0.00
Does an object always see its latest internal state irrespective of... 0.00
CompletableFuture and Garbage Collection 0.00
Multiple asynchronous HTTP requests using Resttemplate -2.94
Akka: Trying to understand order of message delivery between Actors 0.00
Why will Gson pretty-print to the console, but not the file? 0.00
Which ApplicationContext implementation used in simple spring boot... +0.72
Avoiding "No mapping found for HTTP request with URI" or... 0.00
In fasterxml, after deserialization json, if enum is first property... 0.00
How to serialize a map with enum keys in declaration order with JSON? 0.00
Converting JSON string to object returns "Expected BEGIN_ARRAY... -0.01
Why do method() and super.method() refer to different things in an... +0.74
How to resolve MethodArgumentConversionNotSupportedException with M... 0.00
CompletableFuture immediate failure -0.26
Parse Json from Java properties file using gson library 0.00
Does CompletionStage always wrap exceptions in CompletionException? +0.22
initializer as opposed to assignment statement -2.59
How to run Spring unit tests with a different JUnit Runner? 0.00
How to define an xml-configuration spring bean that is the result o... 0.00
Spring REST Controller content/type not supported for all content t... 0.00
jackson serialize map to a list of customized output 0.00
Why are @Bean Generics creation methods on a superclass called late... +0.90
How can Guava just cast future to listenable future? 0.00
Why are my enum fields being serialized? 0.00
Using Gson convert Java object into JsonObject 0.00
Does spring @GetMapping work with MockMvc 0.00
Why is package-protected method not visible in the same package? +0.59
Jackson fail deserialization if field is not present +0.23
Garbage collection seems to shutdown local executor and cause Rejec... 0.00
Placeholder in Thymeleaf template cannot be found on null 0.00
How to use Spring's `PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer` to r... 0.00
OffsetDateTime fails with localized formatter using FormatStyle of... +1.23
Confused by Spring's JSON serialization 0.00
@ModelAttribute fields are null in Spring controller +0.23
Java CompletionStage to CompletionStage<Either> type is lost 0.00
Why I do not need a configuration bean for Environment interface 0.00
How to return a value depending on whether an Optional value is pre... -2.74
How do I get the argument of the formal method parameter type? 0.00
Sending string as byte array from C# to Java via socket +1.03
Why is disruptor slower with smaller ring buffer? +0.19
Cannot test converting Strings to Unicode 0.00
Exception handling and ternary operators +1.34
Spring Autowire with Bean creation in same class results in :Reques... 0.00
Why a parallelism ForkJoinPool double my exception? -1.24
CompletableFuture get result of first future waiting for other futu... 0.00
How do I create a Spring @ExceptionHandler method that does not log... 0.00
Is there any formal definition of constants? 0.00
How can I validate a local date time within daylight savings time? +1.03
Ambiguous mapping when using RequestBody annotation 0.00