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Tom Harrington

1582.62 (2,792nd)
54,523 (1,782nd)
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Title Δ
What is the modern approach for Core Data Property Validation? Does... +1.35
What is the purpose for CoreData insert(object: NSManagedObject) fu... 0.00
Cloudkit + CoreData and uploading to iCloud in earlier iOS versions 0.00
Read date from Core Data attribute 0.00
How to create NSCompoundPredicate with "empty" predicate -0.96
in AppDelegate.persistentContainer.getter: Error occurred when I ch... 0.00
Why does my Swift iOS build get error: "Cannot find 'Sleep... +0.97
CloudKit JS deserialize [Double] Transformable type data 0.00
CoreData lightweight migration crashes, even after adding a mapping... 0.00
ambiguous for type lookup in this context when 0.00
How to iterate a collection of NSManagedObject items concurrently f... 0.00
How is the context treated? 0.00
Work on Core Data without persisting changes on another thread 0.00
How to check the size of CoreData in Swift +1.88
How are iPhone device code (Machine IDs) made? 0.00
Abstract Entity and typealias for editing NSManagedObject? 0.00
Updated core data model without new version, how to fix? 0.00
Handling the deletion of old database objects 0.00
How to save decoded values in CoreData using Swift with proper values 0.00
Distinct value from core data swift 0.00
Why Core Data concurrency debug tool crashes my iOS app? 0.00
With a Private Queue NSManagedObjectContext, do I need to access pr... 0.00
Pass parameters for generic NSFetchRequest method -0.11
Create new App using CoreData with AppGroups in mind 0.00
How to convert a String of certain format to Date in Swift? 0.00
How to create a NSManagedObject in a modal view using SwiftUI? 0.00
JSON Endoding and Decoding CoreData 0.00
Is there any way to store a multidimensional array in coreData? 0.00
Using CoreData managedContext from background do you d... 0.00
How do I fill an array of data with CoreData data? -1.41
Error with retrieve / save custom object in core data 0.00
Take multiple screenshots of UIView without overloading memory 0.00
Is it possible to use a UUID in an NSSortDescriptor for NSFetchedRe... 0.00
Exclude Properties from merge in Core Data 0.00
Persisting VNFeaturePrintObservation to Core Data 0.00
Can coredata allow certain fields to be shared across users of app? -0.61
Is there a proper way to make generic crud functions for Core Data... 0.00
Why does the raywenderlich code break if you enable the scheme &quo... 0.00
Fetching multiple objectIDs in Core Data? 0.00
Understanding error handling with CoreData 0.00
What happens to the other NSManagedObjects on a context when contex... 0.00
How to force update CoreData Codefiles (Property Extension) in Swif... 0.00
Filter a list of CoreData items based on an array property using NS... 0.00
Core Data Encoding Crash On Saving Context +1.96
Write to Core Data context without notification from observer 0.00
Is there a way to apply an extension to all UIKit classes? +0.39
Inconsistent crash while trying to add a persistent store in CoreData 0.00
How to use JSON outside Alamofire.request()? +0.22
Do all attributes with a custom type in core-data have to be a rela... +0.31
Could not cast value of type 'NSAsynchronousFetchResult' (0... 0.00