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1505.08 (133,912th)
15,199 (9,235th)
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Title Δ
Get a different class based on a config value in JAVA -1.74
Conditional initialization in most efficient and readable way -1.35
Collection and ArrayList in java +0.48
why doesn't deadlock occur in this situation -1.61
Defining an int Array in Java 0.00
List of Strings to hashmap using Streams +1.42
How to join a list elements by ',' using streams with '... +2.50
What's wrong with my Constructor? My code completely ignores it +0.22
can i define more than one public class in a java package -2.12
Using Spring DI and Interface default method 0.00
Call a @Autowired Repository from a static context -0.52
Map of Objects, can't access ArrayList element by index -0.79
Determine user input data-type dynamically in JAVA -0.99
How do I conditionally go through an array of objects and add them... +0.02
How to check the user input is an integer or not with Scanner? +0.85
Javaprogram doesn't realize I'm returning a boolean +1.36
Why should we use try-catch while writing database connection? -0.03
Autowiring multiple repositories into a single DAO in Spring - bad... +0.49
Java: Should occasionally used objects be included as a class member? +0.00
How to print the month and the day of the week 0.00
Checking if a String is equal to any given set of strings +0.71
What are pros and cons (pitfalls) of initializer block comparing to... +0.11
Adding multiple lines to a text file in java +1.38
java.time.LocalDateTime error with my program +2.76
Address already use while using DAO -0.02
Trying to get a Java function to return an array based on a string... -0.13
How to set property values in new object from object from List and... -0.85
How to handle multiple constructors? +1.00
second maximum number among three numbers without using if else or... -0.55
Why RequestMapping annotation does't work with class in springb... -0.65
Get number of hours between two times? -0.01
What is the best way to compare two string arrays without indexing... -0.55
How to call abstract class method +0.22
Finding the index number of the lowest value in an array -0.22
Subtract List in grails with repeating elements +0.50
Performing Integers operation on List<Objects> +1.18
Printing out string duplicates with HashMap in Java +0.79
Getting numbers from 1 to 4 in a random order -0.62
Java Hashmap ArrayList 0.00
Java, program that counts random number and saves it +0.17
How to access an object from a method in its class? +0.51
Handling a null Connection in finally -0.24
Sum of ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>>? +0.11
Making sure fields are initialized out of constructor -1.08
Subtract value from a List in Java +1.08
How to print an ArrayList of GRects (Java acm) 0.00
Java scanner - allowing a certain number of ints +0.42
making a function not to work for a few some seconds in java -0.71
How to read input text ? Java +0.25
SELECT query with "WHERE" clause does not return values i... 0.00