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Benjamin Lindley

1713.29 (97th)
87,939 (901st)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to declare a variable in the conditional of an if ex... +0.36
When do I need to make a closure variable mutable? -2.21
Modify multiple elements of a slice/collection at the same time -0.74
Using, why does a closure work but passing the function di... 0.00
Most idiomatic way to double every character in a string in Rust -0.76
How to manage lifetime of CString in a vec? 0.00
Rust -- How to handle error precisely and gracefully? 0.00
What is the Rust equivalent of the C++ vector::assign() function? 0.00
rust mod statement's inconsistency 0.00
Why can Rust floating point values hold large values with few signi... 0.00
How to set a chrono DateTime to a specific date and time? 0.00
Rust: How can a reference be a type? 0.00
What is the Rust equivalent of JavaScript's spread operator for... -1.04
Why does size_of::<&T>() == size_of::<usize>() depe... 0.00
Idiomatic way of assigning a value from an if else condition in Rust 0.00
Why is add_cart complaining with an error? 0.00
Is there a way to split up a variable inside an Option without havi... +0.89
How do I add an element to the value of a hash map that pairs strin... 0.00
Why am I getting "unused Result which must be used ... Result... 0.00
How can I convert the lower/upper 8 bits of a u16 to a u8 in Rust? -2.13
Why is Rust program not returning values from if statements? 0.00
Associated function without explicit return is error[E0308]: mismat... 0.00
How to limit the scope in which a value is borrowed in Rust? 0.00
Can this Rust match expression be simplified? 0.00
Rust free unwrap for vec of newtypes 0.00
Why does the Copy Constuctor fail to "copy" 0.00
How find function works in unordered_map is searching for key value 0.00
Erase some of a vector's elements in a for-each loop without it... +0.83
Does C++ have a standard way to do a tristate comparison of two std... +1.29
Why don't char arrays with separate chars end with a null-termi... -1.85
Specialization of less<> works with map but not with sort 0.00
C++ Functions from class not performing? 0.00
Converting a for loop to use std::transform instead +0.22
STL way of creating/filling std::set from std::vector +0.45
Visual Studio 2017 C2027 use of undefined type 'SDL_Texture' +0.89
Crash in std::sort - sorting without strict weak ordering +0.65
LNK2019 - unresolved external symbol - C++ - SDL2 Library 0.00
Elements added to a vector of pairs of ints and vectors of strings... 0.00
How to store time from chrono inside a double? +0.23
C++ - Do not understand the syntax of the catch function in try-catch 0.00
Why are C++ STL vectors 1000x slower when doing many reserves? +0.28
Why the part after '\0' of a string can be printed after ca... -2.36
Getting consecutive elements and remove them +1.08
Detecting if a key was pressed, not if it is always down 0.00
Passing C++ command line arguments inside main(), yet do the same job +0.17
What really is constant? Definition +0.71
Insert unique_ptr in vector as pair 0.00
STL std::remove_copy +1.00
How is swap implemented with std::string? 0.00
How to use recursive_directory_iterator with algorithm library and... +0.93