An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1443.70 (4,533,978th)
8,473 (18,480th)
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Title Δ
I have 3 table and need exclusive left join -1.25
Autoplay Video in UITableViewCell hiccupps -2.00
How to convert an ECDSA key to PEM format -1.46
try start program from python script started as service 0.00
Check when resources are available from AVFoundation 0.00
Highlight selected tableViewCell to match with UITextfield.text +0.09
How can I detect user activity with all the views in UINavigationCo... 0.00
WKWebView not showing content "below the screen" -0.18
MKMapView to deny single touch panning 0.00
Segmentation fault when sending struct having std::vector member -1.50
Make UITextField not to draw image attachment but keep its frame 0.00
How to access Objective-C class properties in runtime? +2.21
How to add '/' between two strings? -0.60
QObject::sender() doesn't work properly in a slot 0.00
NSPredicate String to get n'th item in array +0.34
'*** -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil&... 0.00
Find The Longest Consecutive Subsequence Of Distinct Items In A Seq... +1.29
Read only list of lists c# +0.92
Fabric Answers for OSX link error 0.00
Get All Images from cameraroll asynchrously -1.71
Remove duplicates from text file based on second text file -0.93
Check view is completely covered by other views +0.56
Reposition legal label ( MKAttributionLabel ) -2.09
iOS In-App-Purchase Sandbox restoring consumable purchase 0.00
Trigger UILocalNotification from WatchKit 0.00
Long delay with NSFileCoordinator coordinateWritingItemAtURL +0.16
TestFlight doesn’t support apps with Watchkit extension +4.64
An error occurred while trying to call the request method lookupSof... 0.00
Extract jSignature image from UIWebView 0.00
Should T() initialize member variables to zero? +1.64
how do I parse an iso 8601 date (with optional milliseconds) to a s... 0.00
How I show application when open application again Qt -3.39
Wants to create an application storing data in memory. But i dont w... -3.26
String storage optimization +4.62
Error 23 error C2440: 'return' : cannot convert from 'c... +0.54
Subclass B Inherits From a Template Class A<B> 0.00
option "class_prefix" unknown metasyntactic 0.00
Keyboard handling just like in Messages app in iOS 7 -3.21
How do I declare a class level function in Swift? -3.27
AFHTTPRequestOperation with self-signed SSL and HTTP Basic Auth (-1... 0.00
How to manually cancel MKMapView standard gesture recognizers 0.00
How to manually cancel MKMapView standard gesture recognizers 0.00
Split long string at the spaces -2.53
Really slow sql for search result count (for paging) 0.00
Sql query - with order by and without order by +0.23
iOS Appstore In Review Time +0.46
Xcode - Install additional required components using command line 0.00
Value passing from one xib to another is not working in Xcode 5 +0.80
How to read Point(x,y) data from text file using QT? -3.55
Static table view inside UIViewController [Xcode 5] 0.00