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Rating Stats for

Rohan Monga

1496.05 (4,005,470th)
1,281 (124,364th)
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Title Δ
how to create read only model for cassandra 0.00
hadoop-streaming: reducer in pending state, doesn't start? +4.07
Why Hive errors FileNotFoundException when a UDF use some external... +0.51
Java-Mode Argument Indenting in Emacs 0.00
How to create and read directories in Hadoop - Mapreduce Job workin... 0.00
Hadoop pipes (wordcount) example failing (with hadoop 0.21.0) +0.13
Custom Map Reduce Program on Hive, what's the Rule? How about input... 0.00
Python polymorphism trouble -3.01
How to speed up this Python code? +3.56
Boost:Serialization: Who cleans up the deserialized data? -3.86
Python regex help -0.08
AMQP implementations with Celery 0.00
Python: Adding element to list while iterating +4.36
how to create a class in python which would store a tree 0.00
Storing large tile based maps for an online multiplayer game +3.82
How to convert a binary search tree into a doubly linked list? -2.71
Search in a sorted array of ints which rolls over -1.09
Uses of self referencing lists -1.93
How to properly cast an object? -1.43
Differences in Mobile and Desktop Application Testing -1.57
C++ thread safe doubly linked list -2.35
Get the subdictionary based on range -0.94
pretty printer with Python? +2.31
How can I run my program code after fixed intervals? -2.41
What languages are good for writing a web crawler? -1.33