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Some programmer dude

1697.13 (143rd)
308,634 (95th)
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Title Δ
Problem using 64 bit data in 32 bit processor (ARM Cortex A9) 0.00
Sending BMP image to serial port using C 0.00
How to count numbers and characters of a string? 0.00
C++ lambda capture by value without declaring variable earlier 0.00
How can you perform other functions simultaneously with PlaySound? 0.00
is returning a const std::string really slower than non-const? 0.00
Problem with code. Using vector delete same numbers except the last... 0.00
How to concatenate strings, integers and floating point numbers wit... 0.00
scanf taking multiple char inputs 0.00
modification in huffman coding 0.00
How and why exactly does char* s2 change after the last strcpy() ca... 0.00
C++: char* vs char(*)[] 0.00
How to traverse a multi-level linked list? 0.00
Name lookup don't seem to work with nested classes 0.00
why a pointer value is assigned before the increment operation is p... 0.00
Is it possible to cout object in C++ like this obj << cout &l... 0.00
Multidimensional array values getting modified even though passed b... 0.00
linking error/conflict for SendMessageA method 0.00
How can I access std::function in std::list in C++ 0.00
c++ how to access a pointer's struct variable 0.00
How can i use only one function showCnt() to show the members of st... 0.00
Writing assert messages to log file 0.00
C++ lifetime of a dangling string 0.00
Reverse the pointers in a linked list 0.00
How to get a string from a function which has a void pointer? 0.00
How to compare the temporary variables in the form of string? 0.00
How to check whether tasks in io_service are completed? 0.00
What kills the parent process? 0.00
bash aliases set in while loop not persisting 0.00
How to create instance specific methods for each instance of a class? 0.00
Why does tcp::socket::is_open() method return true when connecting... 0.00
QMap<int,QByteArray> return Wrong QByteArray 0.00
Why does json data contain extra characters 0.00
Need help executing binary file on bash terminal with -wall -pedant... 0.00
how to add -std=c++11 to make file 0.00
Can we use address of 0 in fread function 0.00
Assigning a function pointer with variable arguments using paramete... 0.00
Correct way to use function pointers for traversal bst 0.00
How to guarantee data dependence with atomic? 0.00
Holding a map reference to a vector of maps 0.00
How to understand the syntax of two functions malloc() and calloc()... 0.00
Why is this string equality test failing? 0.00
Explanation needed for some lines of program from LCD liquid crysta... 0.00
Thread-safety vs atomicity in C 0.00
How does logrotate work when there are two process use the same file? 0.00
using derived class data members from base class method 0.00
Why this output string to number? 0.00
C++ operators '&' and '*' with invalid pointer 0.00
Using command line arguments to extract from txt file and run speci... 0.00
c++: "Redeclare" extern namespace variables in .cpp 0.00