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Some programmer dude

1697.13 (143rd)
306,529 (95th)
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Title Δ
printf function not working before the input 0.00
How to write custom comparator for std::minmax function for datatyp... 0.00
How to declare instance of another class in one class 0.00
Menu input: Once invalid input is detected, all inputs are deemed i... 0.00
pointer get wrong value in different thread 0.00
How to properly use string::erase 0.00
winsock client repeatedly try to connect to server 0.00
Defining the datatype of array of stack struct defined on a header... 0.00
Problems passing in a char[][] to execvp 0.00
Pointer type for nested struct in C 0.00
Cannot assign to a member of type int[10] 0.00
Confused between call by ref and call by value in my code 0.00
Do while not looping? 0.00
Modifying Array Elements Using Pointers 0.00
C++ Changing elements of an array using only pointers 0.00
Getting multiple input files in C++ and saving it in an array 0.00
Create instance of a class within a method of another class 0.00
Read only and write only using open() 0.00
In my BST implementation,my findNode function not returning parent... 0.00
a function that count the odd elements in list with startup pointer... 0.00
Is it possible to create 'empty' members within a struct in... 0.00
How to read multi-char keysyms with getchar? 0.00
Trouble calling base constructor - getting read access violation 0.00
UINT GetDriveTypeA(LPCSTR)': cannot convert argument 1 from ... 0.00
Append char [] to char* content = realloc(NULL, sizeof(char) * 10); 0.00
Why are the outputs different if i include parenthesis 0.00
Why do we cast integer values to pointer types in C 0.00
C++ conditional reference to existing or new variable 0.00
I don't know how to get orders from the terminal in a multithre... 0.00
What does main() return on run-time exception? 0.00
C++ - Insertion in a Linked List without using a node's constru... 0.00
Using 'typedef struct' in classes 0.00
What does pointer do inside loop when initialized again and again? 0.00
How to fix "Debug Error!, Stack around the variable 'x'... 0.00
My unordered_set elements change in a scope without modifying them 0.00
for loop accepts one extra value than the loop condition 0.00
invalid old size realloc error, stdin read 0.00
How to override abstract class constructor in sub class 0.00
How to use fscanf() format string 0.00
How to concat char array into a string 0.00
Unable to bind overloaded static member functions in pybind11 0.00
Allocing memory to array of strings 0.00
Getting different results while calculating the number of elements... 0.00
How to fix 'undefined reference' when compiling in C? 0.00
Clion help needed 0.00
Suggested refactoring for if-statement of the following form? 0.00
How to use a dedicated thread to receive UDP data? 0.00
Initializing a non-const static string with a constexpr 0.00
Operation with division resulting in error execution because of SIG... 0.00
Why does this djb2 implementations loop terminate? 0.00