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Some programmer dude

1664.84 (367th)
347,301 (100th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use for loop with misleading syntax? 0.00
Using sizeof to append a character to the end of a string form user 0.00
Is it legal to assign heap allocated class object to stack allocate... 0.00
prevent 'delete[]' from source object's destructor from... 0.00
C++ How to find position of last occurrence of element in vector 0.00
How to Concatenate Multiple Structs within One Block of Memory? 0.00
Linking shared library with libm 0.00
Exercise 1-6: (page 17 K&R) - getchar() question 0.00
Create std::shared_ptr using factory function 0.00
i = self.pos[0] is saying TypeError: 'int' object is not su... 0.00
Lifetime of a structure with no arrays in it 0.00
infinite loop when trying to read an int greater than INT_MAX 0.00
How to use QList with std::generate? 0.00
How to print integers and memory addresses to the console using wri... 0.00
Access a static array defined in another cxx file 0.00
error: ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer [-fpe... 0.00
C++ The value is never used 0.00
Get file size using GetFileSize reports a segv on a valid file 0.00
Player detecting wall in array in C++ 0.00
What does return with a ternary operator mean? 0.00
2D Array Void Dereferencing Definition Error in C 0.00
Why do I get this error? "[variable] does not name a type"... 0.00
Include directive can match two files: what's the priority? 0.00
Is there any way of getting strings independent to others? 0.00
Regarding the usage of functions with array subscript 0.00
Specifying a scanset along with the 'h' width modifier in &... 0.00
TCP connection breaks after 1 message 0.00
Since vptr is inherited in derived class, how it point to its own v... 0.00
What is wrong with my sentence palindrome code (C++)? 0.00
Why my small C program print different string with cat utility? 0.00
ZeroDivisionError 0.00
Windows Visual C++ 2019 trying to pass preprocessor varible (-D in... 0.00
Creating a format string with a variable number of specifiers 0.00
Using EOF and getchar() to count the number of characters 0.00
Exception thrown at 0x7933F3BE (ucrtbased.dll) in Making Classes It... 0.00
Could not understand C output 0.00
Function overloaded ambiguity in inheritance wherein functions have... 0.00
Remove Singly Linked List at nth position 0.00
Cant Ask For Two Integers At The Same Time 0.00
puts and printf do not give out full text (text containing CJK char... 0.00
why the address of dynamic array is different from the first elemen... 0.00
Why can't I return a int[] from my C function 0.00
How to initialise and access a const char* const* 0.00
By value or by reference, is it an error? 0.00
Does `std::map::at()` not support std::string_view? 0.00
Not using '&' when passing a pointer 0.00
Trying to get an int by wraping it into void* and again wrap it bac... 0.00
What makes a heap allocated object "referenced" in C++? 0.00
Use of "-w" in the shebang line 0.00
Read file and input into vector 0.00