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Some programmer dude

1670.73 (309th)
317,118 (96th)
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Title Δ
UNIX: Conditional check results in unexpected result 0.00
Is longjmp supposed to restore the stack? 0.00
How to check that user does not enter decimal in C +1.32
Why can't I find the infinite loop in my C program to search in... -0.79
Confused about pointers and their addresses 0.00
C++ - error: 'sleep' was not declared in this scope -0.17
Problems with user defined constructors in C++ 0.00
determine if value contains another value with bitwise operation 0.00
C Programming: How to make program end when user inputs a newline -1.95
why the single linked list program is not working the way it intend... 0.00
How to add white space between charters? -2.93
How to read in a file to an array to draw game board C++ 0.00
Reading an int through char* buffer behaves different whether it is... +0.23
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find local 0.00
Fast run-time vector based std::stack. Pre-allocation and multiple... 0.00
Removing double spaces from a char array +1.38
3D array in a function +1.09
C++ Dynamic memory allocation in template function +0.85
Why does using auto and int give different answers in this code? -2.63
The While loop is not terminating even i tried decrementing t 0.00
Second while loop is not running, setting value to "nan" -0.48
Changing a member of a structure -0.76
resolve [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized] with function pointer that is... -0.94
free(): invalid next size (fast) for resizable vector 0.00
How to define an array of pointers to array of pointers in C? 0.00
Getting an error this line "res = res / 255.0" TypeError:... -0.23
GCC: How to assemble a file in one command? -2.57
How to get total sum of values from input file? -0.54
Storing a string in array to use it later 0.00
How to handle rendering utf-8 characters with size >= 2B properly? +0.94
Assignment operator crashes code while i make template of class 0.00
updating string array inside a function +1.33
In java I how do I escape a * character -2.01
How to merge sort string array with using pointer in c? 0.00
sorting a struct array 0.00
How to handle conditions written in 2D array 0.00
printf("%f") or printf("%lf") for doubles in c? 0.00
My random string generator in C doesn't work 0.00
Why do we use 'NULL'? 0.00
Additional template arguments for friend declaration in template cl... 0.00
split a string saved on a pointer 0.00
How to split a string with two different delimiters +0.81
In 'for (auto c : str)' what exactly is c? -1.74
Qt deployment can't finde my libs but ldd can 0.00
C++ problems with string and while statements +1.25
Is a using declaration legal inside a switch statement before any c... 0.00
Detached Threads: mutex destroyed while busy Error C++ +0.26
How to mmap() to correct address -0.96
Get the size of a an element in a C++ output stream -1.79
"Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP" when calli... 0.00