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Some programmer dude

1664.84 (367th)
347,301 (100th)
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Title Δ
Including two headers which are not available at the same time 0.00
Is C while pointer going to work with any pointer variable 0.00
Read a list of words into vector 0.00
static variable and pointer to static variables in c/c++ 0.00
Arrays-Problem with global integer declaration in C 0.00
String of Bytes to Byte array c++ 0.00
Reading a list of names with fgets() results in string + "\r&q... 0.00
Stream Insertion Operator << Overloading Undefined Symbols fo... 0.00
C++ create a friend of a function? 0.00
Global namespace friend class cannot access private member of named... 0.00
To pass an array by reference in C 0.00
How can I return an array or vector or map without creating a tempo... 0.00
Does the order of arguments while returning a pair/struct/tuple mat... 0.00
Can't rename the string that contains a command line argument 0.00
<error: Cannot access memory at address 0x1> in structure 0.00
Pointer re-assignment, heap use after free 0.00
How to fix format error for char* and char** 0.00
what is the explaination of the output of the given program 0.00
Using function to pass the user input via pointers not working 0.00
vector elements allocated on stack? 0.00
I can't understand the use of std::istream_iterator 0.00
Why can't an array with an unspecified size be followed by anot... 0.00
Exception: wrong output 0.00
puts() doesn't flush the buffer in io redirection program 0.00
#ifndef __GNUC__ choke me 0.00
My C++ program is deleted when I close my file explorer 0.00
How to bypass C++ inability to match function types in templates wi... 0.00
Is it possible to use for loop with misleading syntax? 0.00
Using sizeof to append a character to the end of a string form user 0.00
Is it legal to assign heap allocated class object to stack allocate... 0.00
prevent 'delete[]' from source object's destructor from... 0.00
C++ How to find position of last occurrence of element in vector 0.00
How to Concatenate Multiple Structs within One Block of Memory? 0.00
Linking shared library with libm 0.00
Exercise 1-6: (page 17 K&R) - getchar() question 0.00
Create std::shared_ptr using factory function 0.00
i = self.pos[0] is saying TypeError: 'int' object is not su... 0.00
Lifetime of a structure with no arrays in it 0.00
infinite loop when trying to read an int greater than INT_MAX 0.00
How to use QList with std::generate? 0.00
How to print integers and memory addresses to the console using wri... 0.00
Access a static array defined in another cxx file 0.00
error: ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer [-fpe... 0.00
C++ The value is never used 0.00
Get file size using GetFileSize reports a segv on a valid file 0.00
Player detecting wall in array in C++ 0.00
What does return with a ternary operator mean? 0.00
2D Array Void Dereferencing Definition Error in C 0.00
Why do I get this error? "[variable] does not name a type"... 0.00
Include directive can match two files: what's the priority? 0.00