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Some programmer dude

1697.13 (143rd)
302,227 (95th)
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Title Δ
Unable to setup local C++ dev environment 0.00
Problem linking static library vs dynamic library 0.00
Assignement operator changing value of the assigned object 0.00
istream overloading when referencing another class 0.00
calling class function while defining variable +1.44
Creating array of struct inside another struct +0.88
Use of flag in c? -0.84
What format is this string representing serv_addr buffer? 0.00
Set a member GlobalCEFApp->OnWebKitInitialized with function add... -0.51
How do I fix "expected unqualfied-id before string constant&qu... -1.99
Strange output iterating va_list varibles +0.83
How to call a child process twice +0.24
values of uninitialized pointers in C +0.58
Definition and access identifier of class in c++ 0.00
new operator -> with or without 0.00
Queries on declaring & initialising string and also string memo... 0.00
Get a value in a function with bit manipulation 0.00
Error cannot convert argument 1 from 'int[][3] to int(&&... 0.00
compiling static curl with static openssl 1.1.1a 0.00
Why does static have to be there? 0.00
Accesing CMake-generated dynamic library with dlopen 0.00
How to do variable0 = 0 ... variable9 = 9 in Python +0.66
How to modify some information in a binary file? 0.00
Syntax logic behind ++ with respect to references and as a return v... -1.15
Assigning a string in a char * array to another char * array +1.02
extern "C": What does and what doesn't need it? +1.25
EOF not detected by C on Raspberry Pi +0.77
Reading more than one "message" from recv() +1.25
I get previous float value when I am printing new value -2.85
Trying to send vector over tcp 0.00
running a time function in background? +0.24
Difference: &ary1D[0] and &ary1D 0.00
Overload resolution, order of defined functions and templates +0.34
override in multilevel inheritance with intermediate derived class... 0.00
Little issue with 'this' (invalid use of 'this' in... 0.00
Makefile with pthread won't compile properly with multiple vers... 0.00
Is it possible to go through an array with a pointer on a known pos... 0.00
C++ for loop continue to loop even though it shouldn't 0.00
"no matching function to call" error in Qt +0.25
getline() and char array 0.00
Why does the local variable in my thread function get interrupted b... 0.00
Adding element to array, old values turns to 0 but new shows -0.35
Pass by reference notation +1.44
C++ - when is object destroyed +1.53
Reading data from a text file line by line into arrays using strtok... 0.00
Prints string on console with cout.write() function only after I Qu... -0.50
C struct and union together +1.76
C printf function does not align strings correctly for strings that... 0.00
Add record to file and read it back 0.00
private struct as a return type of a private method 0.00