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Some programmer dude

1683.29 (221st)
339,801 (97th)
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Title Δ
How to assign to struct pointer from another method 0.00
order vector by value inside vector c++ 0.00
C++ - Pointer to local variable in Google's exercise code 0.00
segmentation fault after calling a toString function twice 0.00
Initialising an array of structure nested inside an array of struct... 0.00
Difference between const int* ptr[] and const int (*ptr)[] 0.00
libcurl unable to properly download image file 0.00
How to add text files in Clion 0.00
Function that determines the validity of a binary tree by checking... 0.00
How does Attribute Inheritance in C++ Work? 0.00
Object constructor within another constructor? 0.00
C - Statements not executing in order 0.00
How to add objects into a vector using data from text file 0.00
Dereference operator (*) differences between char* and int* 0.00
How to convert a string to char 0.00
trying to insert data with pointer to struct causing a segmentation... 0.00
C++ class [ ] operator weird output 0.00
error: invalid conversion from ‘int’ to ‘void*’ [-fpermissive] in t... 0.00
How to pass tanh function as an argument to another function? 0.00
Making a client respond to incoming connection requests in C++ 0.00
why my errors come first and print statements come second in python? 0.00
Understanding-pointer to a structure 0.00
The head pointer won't stay in the front (C++) 0.00
No match for 'operator>>' in my class member function... 0.00
C++ | Dereference a member pointer 0.00
Opencv compilation is not working using -lopencv_videoio 0.00
Macro identifier undeclared even if it is declared 0.00
Pipe commands with fork and dup2 0.00
Address of a string literal and array 0.00
What does `static int (*const array[SIZE_ARRAY]...)(int a) = {[SOME... 0.00
Parse a string in C89/C90 +0.34
I want to have a text from one file written to the other file throu... 0.00
Understanding bind_front when used with classes 0.00
How do I copy the contents in a pointer to a string array to anothe... 0.00
C - Trouble passing arrays by reference using structs 0.00
Can't get the same value of a pointer using the value of a poin... 0.00
How do I get the values of an array to a vector then back to anothe... 0.00
using 'std::cin>>int>>string' works without whi... +0.29
How to create a dynamically sized global array? 0.00
How to pass a pointer using exec argv in C? +0.25
C++, Can I use default constructor in builder pattern? Please check... 0.00
Calling a function changes value of another pointer 0.00
C: malloc of string showing unexpected behaviour with double pointe... +0.26
I have a 'Segmentation Problem' while printing parsed parts... +0.24
How can I split a file? 0.00
How to put array into file using for loop in c++ 0.00
C++ Comparing data type to variable in "If" statement (if... 0.00
NULL vs Zero in C +1.44
Why have comparison operators been removed from standard library co... 0.00
Cin, cin.get and a thing that I cant understand 0.00