An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1473.13 (4,514,816th)
14,436 (9,848th)
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Title Δ
Deleting entries from arrays +0.03
nxn array not printing to outfile? -0.04
How to handle very large array data? 0.00
c++ inheritance, polymorphism and upcasting by reference.I am getti... +0.03
Deleting a node from the start of a linked list -1.88
Addition and subtraction of arrays -0.47
C++ Implementation to Trim Char Array of Leading/Trailing White Spa... +0.53
boost interprocess shared memory with class inside class +0.03
C++ check from where specified function/method was called -0.05
Fast allocation of linked list and slow deallocation +2.24
Event not Reset using ResetEvent() 0.00
Why does access to nested types affect member resolution in C++? +0.52
Strange comma operator behaviour 0.00
Display html page using mongoose server 0.00
C++ convert binary to decimal for bit values greater than 64 bits +0.36
Mongoose web server and IE9 browser 0.00
C++ Simple Decrement Using Pointers (puzzled) -0.31
Is taking care of memory sizes bad in C++? +0.34
Performance issue with big file reading/writing in C++ +0.54
How to avoid cross language dependency in serialization/deserializa... -0.17
Exception-Handling C++ -1.07
c++ temporary variable explanation -0.84
what is a good place to put a const in the following C++ statement -0.97
How do I parallelize a for loop through a C++ std::list using OpenMP? -0.47
compiling C code under VS 2010 -0.21
Making a class friend itself +2.37
Declaring C++ static member functions as friends of the class in wh... +2.59
How do I run long term (infinite) Python processes? -0.13
What library to use to *write* XML file in a C++ program? +1.32
Building an interface for STL vector +0.91
Cross reference and circular dependency. Header including itself in... -0.22
MySQL: storing several boolean values in one column. One tinyint(4)... -2.20
Which is more memory efficient, SQLite database or XML string[]? +0.54
How to free a structure with arrays of pointers to these structures... +0.15
how to find function boundaries in binary code -0.37
How do I join huge csv files (1000's of columns x 1000's rows) effi... -1.47
How values gets changed in the type casting from unsigned short to... 0.00
COM-Objects containing maps / content error(0) 0.00
Circular Dependency in C++ -0.16
PHP and SQL Social Operations -1.29
Why is this vector iterator not incrementable? +0.30
Which Python should I use? -0.05
Weird unresolved external errors in linked objects 0.00
How do I select a class element based on its id in jQuery? -0.68
Adding a new target type to msbuild: How do I refer to the itemname... +0.50
Add items from one array to another +0.55
How to test a regex password in Python? +0.18
Public Data members vs Getters, Setters +1.75
What happens to class members when malloc is used instead of new? +0.92
What's wrong with strcpy()? (Segmentation fault) -0.91