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1490.46 (4,285,499th)
5,830 (27,972nd)
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Title Δ
Fit chart bounds to data on change 0.00
iOS-Charts Library: x-axis labels without backing data not showing -0.43
Value of type 'UITableViewCell' has no member 'Job' +0.01
How to display reload text in iOS-Charts? 0.00
iOS swift3 Chart xaxis duplicate value issue +0.01
Android Studio can't find package when import org.robolectric +0.51
How to add background color to chart`s legend 0.00
FBSnapshotTestCase image not found while running Xcode test 0.00
danielgindi/Charts: possible to rotate label of ChartLimitLine by 9... 0.00
How do you add slice spacing to just the selected item of a pie cha... 0.00
iso-charts Line Chart right axis min and max values not set properly 0.00
Python how to encode 0x90(\x90) as macOS Roman Encoding to \xc3\xaa -0.49
XAxis entry count is greater than it should be in iOS Charts 3.0.1... 0.00
Horizontal bar chart doesn't start at 0 +0.50
issues with iOS Chart library -0.10
Issue setting data for Radar Chart in iOS charts 0.00
Cant draw area graph using ios-charts 0.00
Bar chart with new ios-charts framework new release 0.00
iOS Charts - How to set different color of exact vertical grid line... 0.00
iOS-charts won't put the x-axis at zero on the y-axis +0.50
ios-charts hide values that are outside the bar bounds (stacked bar... 0.00
how to draw CombinedChart in ios-chart 0.00
How can I segue to another view controller by clicking a view? -0.55
show only the last label in dataset of ios charts 0.00
Y-axis is repeating values - iOS Charts +0.52
Images are changing in collectionView when i scroll it swift 0.00
Set an horizontal scroll to my Barchart in swift 0.00
swift string advancedBy is slow? 0.00
.noDataText not updating within Chart. Swift 2 -0.50
CandleStickChart. Swift 2.2 0.00
Using Charts. Swift 2.2 0.00
iosChart: x-axis label not showing at all +0.51
Custom X Axis for BarChartView 0.00
How to decrease counter in for loop? +1.84
function containing 2 loops +0.03
How to set minimum x-axis inerval in iOS chart? +0.04
iOS-Charts how to allow clicks only on plotted points? -0.48
Rounded values in iOS-charts 0.00
Observer not removed when leaving Charts VC with iOS-Charts 2.2.3? +0.01
Need to resize UIImageView only from the top side? 0.00
iOS_Charts HorizontalBarChartView Vertical scrolling 0.00
iOS-charts stacked bar chart with multiple colors 0.00
Issue in display of barchart with latest ioscharts 0.00
Is it possible to set lineChart's xAxis values manually one-by-... 0.00
X-axis label for iOS-Charts 0.00
Self-sizing cells and dynamic size controls for iOS 0.00
How to set font for y-axis iOS Charts 0.00 to invoke, after is finished how can I let B return... +0.02
How to enable pop-up for lineChart when chartValueSelected using io... 0.00
ios-charts LineChartView. How to select part of the chart 0.00