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Martin Törnwall

1555.71 (6,307th)
6,990 (22,904th)
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Title Δ
Creating an abstract syntax tree for code that has multiple lines +0.42
How to convert erlang varible in json format -1.28
How to create a derived object based on base type only? 0.00
What kind of JIT compiler is used by PyPy? -2.48
How can compiler place data on ROM in embedded system? -0.32
passing arrays to a function in erlang -2.51
Register Allocation in Compilers -2.00
Register Allocation in Compilers +2.00
Three address code (example) 0.00
C and Go interoperability issue involving 0.00
How local variable usage infomation is maintained in .net clr sourc... 0.00
How turn list of pair in list of int, where result int is sum of pair 0.00
Why there are two different lengths for addresses in 32 and 64 bit? -0.23
Printing only print output with SML/NJ 0.00
Static Single Assignment for variables in different scopes 0.00
Jumps for a JIT (x86_64) -0.60
Compiler intermediate code generation three address code fjump 0.00
How are tokens managed? 0.00
C what is happening when printf convers long long to %o (unsigned i... 0.00
Get the file sizes of multiple files from stdin (C) 0.00
Why will spawning make a copy? 0.00
Self Implementation strcat displaying multiple strings +3.85
Deploy Erlang Application 0.00
Socket API :Socket operation on non-socket 0.00
LLVM IR generated code to native code 0.00
How do I know what registers function parameters will be mapped on? 0.00
Paging output from Go +3.37
JIT emulation and tracking dirty memory blocks 0.00
How can I pass the redirection operator '>' as an argume... +0.95
Verifying data types/structs in a parser +3.45
Creating a C++ compiler/linker for a homemade opcode list 0.00
direct-coded vs table-driven lexer? 0.00
Printing a string in c using a pointer +3.70
Erlang Beginner: Find Perimeter? 0.00
my binary search function doesn't work properly +3.75
Calling functions in an so file from Go -4.35
Is JIT-ed JavaScript slower than Java? +3.53
Linker error-Calling function in C++ file from C file 0.00
'printf' followed by 'scanf' requires pressing ENTER key twice to a... +3.29
Broadcasting message to all connected users using websocket (Erlang... -0.42
Is it possible to run erlang without compilation? +1.65
Is the JVM ever re-compiling compiled code? 0.00
Print a column from a CSV files in Linux +4.97
calloc(), malloc() vs new-ing a struct that has an unordered_map in... +0.27
Erlang application undef error (exited: {bad_return,) 0.00
How to get a variable that stored in the stack? 0.00
Erlang Dependency Not Started Error 0.00
Setup ChicagoBoss with all deps to ERL_LIBS 0.00
Erlang records with both type and value restrictions as well as def... -0.27
Erlang Looping through a list (or set) to process files 0.00