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Rating Stats for

karthik manchala

1517.99 (33,803rd)
11,698 (12,631st)
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Title Δ
leetcode 109 : Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree 0.00
How to query Oracle via JDBC for an intersection 0.00
How to extract a particular word after 7th slash in a path using re... -0.01
notepad++ regex - Find all duplicates across multiple lines before... 0.00
Stripping trailing zeroes from a floating pointer number, using a r... -1.18
Using regex and the | operator -0.03
Kundera - Cassandra Replication Factor using EntityManagerFactory 0.00
cannot store list of objects as one of the parameters of a parent o... 0.00
How to covert dataframe datatypes to String? +0.46
Regarding Kundera and Cassandra ThriftClient 0.00
Kundera with Datastax DS-Driver complains "field" is not... -0.53
Kundera persistence entity definition with partition key and cluste... 0.00
get rid of an HTML symbol using regex +0.47
Regex to detect all numbers in decimal form where decimal number is... +0.47
Regex modifier to treat the pattern as a fixed string 0.00
Python Regular Expression for stopping in between -0.00
Regex in javascript - should not allow consecutive parenthesis , co... -0.56
Optimistic locking with Kundera JPA 0.00
Jquery regex cutting <script> tags -0.03
Split nested parameters using regex -0.31
Capture name of function while matching whole function -0.02
Regex find incorrect " 0.00
renames colnames with pattern matching +0.45
Re-ordering Strings in PHP -0.48
Regex for adding a space or period for new sentence under certain c... -0.53
Remover truncated word at end of line via regex +0.46
Perl Regexp with an option +0.39
Get all items that start with class name -0.14
Adding short-hostname into the /etc/hosts file with python +0.47
Jmeter Regular Expression To Extract A Number Having Varying Bounda... -0.90
how to take out strings using regular expressions -0.15
Regular expression to get only the first decimal 0.00
How to replace end of every line that starts with a specific word i... -2.23
Retrieve strings delimited by comma ignoring leading and trailing s... +2.98
preg_match ( PHP ) : report the *FIRST* conflicting character &... 0.00
create JAR for Spark 0.00
Spark: how to get all configuration parameters 0.00
How to select and recognise "patterns" with Notepad++? 0.00
Kundera cassandra - Transaction rollback and Entity update 0.00
Regex command line change format of each line -2.23
How to write regular expression in nutch? -0.53
Regex for matching the last letter as well as the words in a sentence -0.41
How to do delete rows based on indexed column in cassandra 0.00
How do I iterate through a string and replace certain phrases? -2.27
Finding the words to the left and right of a string -0.65
Can we do "DELETE database name. table name" in hive late... 0.00
HQL for getting min -0.57
For Cassandra kundera.client.lookup.class options -0.05
Lambda Architecture - Why batch layer -0.54
kundera-cassandra set cql version on EntityManagerFactory when usin... 0.00