An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.97 (118,400th)
1,661 (98,744th)
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Title Δ
Akka actors (Scala) How to get heap dump on out of memory 0.00
Akka: Ask vs Tell +3.89
Is Scala's actors similar to Go's coroutines? +5.01
What is the best way to get a reference to an Akka Actor -3.70
Session Oriented Asynchronous Architecture using Actors/AKKA 0.00
Akka (1-node prod/cons): BalancingDispatcher being deprecated soon.... 0.00
Has anyone setup typesafe console for Akka Actor system? 0.00
Will the var members in case class affect case class's equality? -4.42
Akka: Adding a delay to a durable mailbox 0.00
Creating Akka project in OSGi +3.91
What should a Scala developer know about Java and/or the JVM? +2.15
Eclipse not recognizing Scala code -3.87
Why are Scala's `Lists` implemented as linked lists +2.85
Practical uses for Structural Types? +0.16
Design patterns/best practice for building Actor-based system 0.00