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1504.12 (182,519th)
1,579 (104,160th)
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Title Δ
automapper exception when add Id in ViewModel 0.00
How to delete record having foreign key constraint? -0.01
How to query data asynchronously with Ef Core? 0.00
What is wrong in my code that my dropdown list isn't working +1.95
Automapper ProjectTo<> not working with Count() 0.00
Error mapping types ... Map configuration ... Destination Member 0.00
CS1503 Argument1: cannot convert from 'string' to 'stri... 0.00
Many To Many Database with EF Core5 Error -2.07
Seeding data in many-to-many relation if EF Core 5 -1.38
EF Core Model Seed Data imposes plurals in the key names -0.11
Figure out what Typescript type a change event is used in an Angula... +0.47
ef core how to get data from different tables with foreign keys at... +1.90
automapper usage returning "Unable to cast object of type '... 0.00
Is there a way to use a DbSet in another model with additional prop... +0.01
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_XY'. Cannot insert... +0.50
NonConfiguredNavigationToSharedType error from EF Core when upgradi... 0.00
How to get specific columns from different tables ASP.NET Core and... -1.39 core 3.1 AutoMapperMappingException: Missing type map confi... 0.00
How to make a program accept only the specified key, and terminate... -0.06
How to make formatException gone in Datetime -0.19
Entity Framework Core: How do I load data when a view model is crea... 0.00
EF Core 3.1 re-inserting existing navigational property when adding... 0.00
Why doesn't the "Yes" method run? -3.52
How to set object property values from sub object in core A... -3.75
Many to many Entity Framework Core how to insert -3.80
Why I can't put a property name in setter instead of "valu... +0.64
How to get url parameter to my controller? 0.00
AutoMapper version 10 and ASP.NET MVC +3.87
Cannot pass a list from the controller to view -0.03
Cannot resolve exception error thrown for registration 0.00
EF error: A second operation started on this context before a previ... 0.00
Why is EF Core trying to insert nulls when using custom ValueGenera... 0.00
Unsupported Mapping .NET 5 using AutoMapper 0.00
Angular 10 HttpClient unable to add body and header +3.92
EF Core 5.0 - Updating many-to-many entities in ASP.NET Core Web API 0.00
When does a DbContext instance get disposed in ASP.NET Core 5 0.00
Post action not working in controller but working in another contro... +3.88
How to delete rows from table when clicking button +3.88
POST method with List<T> object with EF Core 5.0 API +4.04
C# How to map inner property object to outer class with AutoMapper? -3.95
Configuring one-to-many foreign key to a non primary key property +3.72
EF Core Includes query 0.00
How to extend IdentityUser with a foreign key +4.10
Cannot read JSON returned by .Net Core controller on client side +4.10
How can i solve error this like Cannot implicitly convert type '... 0.00
How to save an object in Entity Framework while using a database ge... 0.00
The instance of entity type 'x' cannot be tracked because a... +4.22
Save data with many to many relationship EF core 0.00
Migration failed while trying to create a many to many relationship +0.09
How to convert the data return from api into json in Angular? +0.20