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Rating Stats for

Regan Koopmans

1483.98 (4,477,787th)
71 (869,947th)
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Title Δ
Memory-Efficient Element Handling in JSON Serialisation from Flux t... 0.00
Why can't you modify closure parameters of inline methods? 0.00
Optimization of simple functions containing loops or recursion -3.83
NullPointerException on Scala reflection with typeOf[T] -3.49
What am I doing wrong while translating a Scala Recursion function... -3.95
Scala regex for hashtags 0.00
Getting error `No implicits found for parameter fieldMapper: FieldM... 0.00
Handling PATCH requests with Akka HTTP and circe for nullable fields -1.47
Play application | How to pass FilePart to other request 0.00
Parenthesis after variable name C++ -3.29