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Jim Macaulay

1441.04 (4,407,406th)
1,122 (139,285th)
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Title Δ
Informatica Pre Session Command read files matching a pattern insid... 0.00
in Talend, catch an error message without the job dying 0.00
Incremental data processing for file in talend 0.00
Talend - Insert records to seperate tabel based on file name 0.00
How to NOT IN condition in a filter transformation? 0.00
MySQL multiple WHERE AND/OR condition logic 0.00
Get specific data as well as all data posgresql query 0.00
How Can I fetch the data of next 12days in Oracle DB 0.00
How to get around the limitation of the Oracle MERGE statement 0.00
Remove character from string in informatica 0.00
Kafka Sink: ERROR Stopping due to error (org.apache.kafka.connect.c... 0.00
code 42803 in my postgresql query.getting aggregate function error 0.00
Get the last login date for all users in Oracle 11g 0.00
Oracle SQL - Convert a number value into real timestamp (time only... 0.00
Multiple foreign keys oracle 0.00
Kafka Messages are not getting inserted in database 0.00
Informatica filter based on the date column on the other table in t... 0.00
SQL CASE with multiple join 0.00
Update table with conditions in Oracle 0.00
How can I select the first and the last row for each set returned 0.00
How can compare two date type DATE using filter in tmap 0.00
Change font for ORACLE SQL but the display words are still small 0.00
Select all Persons that NOT continuously present in SQL 0.00
Inserting into table values found from previous query 0.00
How to group by and sum in sql 0.00
cx_Oracle: How do I connect to Oracle when you use a Wallet? 0.00
Find function TO_DATE oracle in QGIS 0.00
sql deleting duplicate row 0.00
I need the difference of (max and min) >40 0.00
Combine multiple tables from db in single view 0.00
Show all of sum and count without using group by 0.00
Left join vs Right join 0.00
I need to create a view that pre-joins the three tables, including... 0.00
Ksql is not getting started. ksql-server-start: 32: exec: //bin/ksq... 0.00
How can I plug in this simple SQL logic to an already existing scri... 0.00
How to group and join second tabel 0.00
Can we call procedure inside function in oracle PL/SQL? If not then... 0.00
How find TOP/MAX value for each id via SQL query in Oracle? 0.00
Error in using Case Expression in select statement while we used jo... 0.00
How to add a value for repetition? 0.00
delete from a table takes long time and how to find a reason 0.00
Get the maximum value based on two columns values using foor loop i... 0.00
how to extract the part before "/" character by oracle re... 0.00
How to include header text as the first row in SQL generated Excel... 0.00
issue with Add_month in oracle , I need to generate billing cycle 0.00
SQL Count Distinct returning one extra count 0.00
Converting a Excel value to Date in Informatica 0.00
How to replace 'NA' in different columns with blank in sql? 0.00
Why can I not create a foreign key for this table? 0.00
Difference between Metadata-DBConnection And tDBConnection. Is ther... 0.00