An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1621.72 (1,040th)
92,744 (840th)
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Title Δ
EF Core - composite primary key removes one index -1.81
Why is this code outside my "using" statement unreachable? +0.84
MySQL Matching two users based on preference 0.00
SSRS Font weight between 2005 and 2008 0.00
MySQL Error #1241 0.00
C# How to retrieve the "Command line"(exec. statement) of... 0.00
Mysql TRIM() not working +0.33
Why When List sent to view it return correct length but all fields... +1.22
SQL get a list of only supervisors +0.30
Creating a table generates Error Code 1064 -0.69
C#: Path.Combine not giving full path +1.37
Creating an average expression 0.00
Is it possible to produce typings for a C# class with both camel ca... -0.17
Create a table in SQL where the Composite Primary Key is also a For... +0.30
Make a phone call from Cisco Jabber using .Net console app 0.00
Identity Framework UserLockoutEnabledByDefault works with oAuth Token 0.00
Specify a width for a grid column 0.00
Conditional SQL- Trigger to set flags 0.00
Alternative to List of Type and dictionary +0.32
Visual studio code: Program has more than one entry point defined? 0.00
Where to specify <RunCommand> tag in .Net Core .csproj file 0.00
How to put control in temporary layer in Windows Forms 0.00
C# Why are private methods not shown in this reflection example 0.00
String.matches() with \n -0.13
XAML - Multiple ColumnSpans in one row 0.00
All Moq testCases pass without checking any logic? 0.00
Stored Procedure 0.00
Need to add items to list from checkedlistbox and remove some -0.17
mySQL query how to select a value based on another column -1.99
A botched update where clause almost as bad as bobby tables 0.00
Simulating sushi train - Swift SpriteKit -0.66
EF Core 2.0 provider specific model configuration 0.00
SQL return if set matches +1.08
Redundant Rows from Case Statement and Join SQL Server +0.30
How do I insert values from another table and inserting a new value? 0.00
How to get unique pairs from two columns in SQL 0.00
How to print a table row wise in SQL Server? +1.27
select from one table, count from another where id is not linked 0.00
MySQL to PHP Integer Math +0.32
Finding Minimum 3 Distinct Items From Array of Objects Using LINQ i... 0.00
How to create multidimensional dictionary in aspx from DataTable? +1.35
how to implement virtual method of base class and also get the base... +0.33
Order by data as per supplied Id in sql -1.09
How can I access a field in an anonymous type stored in an object v... -0.24
Lookup only for odd or even numbers into the list 0.00
MySQL get day/month table/matrix? +2.01
How to rank a list with original order in c# +1.35
Implementation of generic interfaces in c# +1.79
Select List of some object property from Double level object list +1.70
sql query select multiple rows in one field based on id +0.82