An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Dickens A S

1477.52 (4,505,023rd)
1,646 (100,252nd)
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Title Δ
select option created with var not displaying when adding a new fie... -1.26
Kotlin Native compile jar and framework -0.56
How to design multiple buttons at once 0.00
How do you make elements scale down based on display size? -0.01
why does digest and digest('hex') result in different outpu... -0.47
Access remote database 0.00
jQuery: Find the previous visible `li` with visible `A` tag +1.34
How to specify a controller in a GUI app? 0.00
JavaScript/React sort by variable JSON key +2.74
JavaFX GridPane buttons in cells are too far from each other 0.00
Where are .fxml files in Maven project with JavaFX dependency? 0.00
How to replicate this text from an image in CSS? +1.04
Add formating function to Template in Java Mustache 0.00
Web Scraping Using Selenium to get date based data +0.02
How to invoke or automate Terminal 3270? is there a way to control... 0.00
Node.js Application missing from Run Configuration 0.00
How to make two left floating divs not overlap? +0.03
Confusion over session data being stored in a database being a viol... 0.00
WASM react module parse failed: magic header not detected +2.20
nested #if macro processing using java 0.00
Is there a similar framework to Mockito for testing shared code or... +2.17
how to to make a rounded div that fits with a rounded navbar? 0.00
How to add a property to an object at a specific index of an array... -1.66
Reading changes in JSON file using JS 0.00
Flatten JSON objects in JavaScript -1.14
Using JS server time instead of client time to avoid this behavior... +0.28
How to make a multidimensional array three-dimensional and two-dime... 0.00
Increase time in date in javascript/jquery +0.04
In eclipse, I have an error in a javascript file written a class wi... 0.00
Finding sequence using Python -0.21
Read one number per line from file Java -0.47
Javascript Constructor return value and function 0.00
Detect !important css rule of separate DOM element with JS 0.00
Create multiple onclick events inside a for loop -0.73
Responsive CSS with two columns, second one two rows +0.01
Nodejs readFileSync regex tag between two strings 0.00
PHP + MYSQL how to group the months by years 0.00
How to get return of InLineKeyboardButton with python-telegram-bot 0.00
React JS buttons with css align on top of each other instead of hor... +0.03
How to read and set cookies from Browser/WebView in NativeScript? 0.00
How do i get textfield value in nativescript 0.00
Generating a css gradient with single color -0.23
passing values to a function does not work when inside for loop -1.08
How to map multiple joined tables into new tables with different co... +0.64
SharePlum download file - File is a string? +0.04
Telegram Bot /getUpdates and parse JSON response? 0.00
JavaScript array Filter (conditions not related to array elements ) 0.00
How to add a hover to swap images contained within a flexbox? +0.04
sum a Ajax response in jquery 0.00
Incorrect JavaScript Result for Project Euler Problem -1.56